Opening Moves - Macedon

By Hussarknight

By default Macedon is an unplayable faction. If you want to play as them you first have to make them playable first. This guide was written and tested while playing on the hardest difficulty level. It applies to all levels of difficulty, however.

Macedon is in an ideal position to unite Greece quickly. However their early military is weak, so getting access to more powerful troops will be an important goal in the first few turns.

First turn

Queue a peasant unit and a shrine of choice in all your cities. Raise taxes to Very High in all your settlements as well. Move your spy towards Athens and your diplomat towards Thermon. Take the entire garrison from Thessalonica and send it south towards Athens.

Second turn

Let your spy infiltrate Athens. Take all the cavalry from the former Thessalonica garrison (including the general) and send it to besiege Athens. Let the garrison of Corinth (excluding the governor and peasant unit) join them, just as all cavalry (including general) from Larissa. Send the remaining infantry from Thessalonica further south and let the garrison from Larissa (excluding the peasants) join them. Train another unit of peasants in Thessalonica. Build the following: City Barrakcs in Thessalonica, Governor's Villa in Bylazora, Port in Corinth and Paved Roads in Larissa.

Third turn

Assault Athens and occupy the settlement. Merge your units so only one or two units of militia hoplites are not up to full strength and retrain those units. Send the rest of the army towards Sparta. Your spy should infiltrate the settlement. Dacia and Thrace will approach you with an offer of trade rights and map information. Ask some money for this and try to secure an alliance with Dacia. Train peasants in Thessalonica, Larissa and Athens. Build a shrine in Athens or roads if there already is one.

Fourth turn

Attack the Greek army just outside Sparta. You should be able to defeat it and the re-inforcing garrison as long as you remember to use your huge cavalry advantage. After the battle march your army to take Sparta and occupy the settlement. Merge depleted units of militia hoplites, retrain them and send the rest of the army to re-inforce Corinth. Send your spy north towards Thermon. Train a bireme in Corinth, Light Lancers in Larissa and a peasant garrison in Sparta. Build a port in Athens, stables in Corinth and a wall around Sparta.

Fifth turn

A Brutii army will have appeared outside Corinth, maybe even besieging it. Send the retrained militia hoplites from Athens and Sparta towards Corinth and combine them with your main army. Attack the Brutii army, even if you are not at war with them. Your cavalry advantage will once again win you the battle. After the battle you should leave one general (preferably not your leader or heir) and a peasant unit in Corinth. Move the rest towards Thermon. Recruit another peasant unit in Thessalonica and another bireme in Corinth. Build a port in Sparta and Larissa and a practice range in Bylazora. Let your spy infiltrate Thermon.

Final thoughts

Well, that's it, you've survived the first few turns of a Macedon campaign. Start pupming out Phalanx Pikemen in Thessalonica ASAP to replace your militia hoplites. Uniting Greece should be pretty straightforward now. Once Greece is secure you can choose to go toe-to-toe with the Romans, to expand north or east. If you want to you can even put an army on some ships and send them down to conquer Egpypt or Carthage. By maintaining naval superiority over the Romans you will be able to keep them at bay until you are ready to face them. Best of luck while playing as Macedon and may the sons of Alexander rule the earth!