Opening Moves - Spain

By Adder.

Spain is a non-playable faction. If you wish to play as Spain download the Fixed Factions Mod. This tutorial was written while playing on Very Hard/Very Hard, it applies to all difficulty levels, however.

Spain is possibly one of the hardest factions to play. You start split down the middle by a Carthaginian and Gaulish provinces. Spain only has access, to Gaul after taking over the Carthaginian city and Gaul is in a much better position to attack you. The Julii also seem to enjoy attacking Spain when played by a human.

Spain's starting cities are Carthago Nova, Scallabis, Asturica and Osca. Each city has an fair sized army that enables you to take control of all of Spain fairly quickly.

First off you should build a temple to Esus in every one of your cities, you will be moving all your units of the cities at the start of the game and don't want to have to worry about revolts at any point early in the game. You'll also want to build a unit in every city. I recommend Peasants in every city except Osca where you should build a town watch, better soldiers there will be needed later.

Now it's time to leave your cities without a garrison. All your units from Carthago Nova and Scallabis should go towards Corduba and all your units in Osca and Asturica should go towards Numantia. You should also move your diplomat towards Osca, you'll probably need him there later. Your turn is over.

You'll notice you now have a negative treasury, don't worry, we'll try to fix that as soon as possible. Adjust the tax rates in all your cites to point where the population is still growing and happy. I've found I can get up to High in most of my cities. Now continue moving all your units toward their destinations. Chances are your army from Scallabis will meet the Carthaginian army. Ignore them and they'll probably go back to Corduba. Your turn is over.

The deficit in your treasury is even larger now, don't panic though. Continue moving your armies from Osca and Asturica towards Numantia. Move your army from Carthago Nova right next to Corduba, you should be able to get right next to it. Now attempt to merge your army from Scallabis with the army from Carthago Nova, it will tell you it'll take one more turn but don't worry, your army from Carthago Nova can't attack this turn anyway. Your turn is over.

The treasury deficit is soon to be fixed! Merge the Scallabis army and lay siege. Que three rams and wait until your next turn. At this point the armies from Asturica and Osca should be within attacking range. Merge the two armies (You'll probably be able to get them to merge and attack a little to the Southwest of Numantia and lay siege. Que three rams and wait until your next turn. Your turn is over (Remember the diplomat should still be moving towards Osca).

Assault Corduba. You outnumber the enemy by about 400 so this should not be a problem, your general is also rather skilled. Assault Numantia. Once again you outnumber the enemy by about 400 if the computer has moved some units out of the city which it always has when I've played it. I personally lost only 200 men and battles are not my strong point. I would enslave the population as you'll need the money. Now assault Numantia. Enslave this population as well. You now control all of Spain in the summer of 268 BC. Your turn is over.

Hurray! Your deficit is no longer existent (I had about 1500) and you now control all of Spain. Unfortunately in my game a Julii ship had just landed near Osca and of course the threat of Gaul still needs to be dealt with. I recommend dedicating one, possibly two cities to military production and the others on creating a good economy (Which you'll need, believe me).

Good luck!