Opening Moves - Thrace

By Hussarknight

By default Thrace is an unplayable faction. If you want to play as them you first have to make them playable first. This guide was written and tested while playing on the hardest difficulty levels, but it applies to all levels of difficulty.

Thrace is a unique faction in that it combines Greek and Barbarian unit types. This is an interesting combination, but despite that the initial turns will not be very exciting because it's hard to expand quickly early on. This means for the first few turns your focus will be on improving your military and economy while securing Byzantium for it's economic and strategic value.

Opening Moves

Raise taxes to Very High in both your settlements. Build roads and train a unit of peasants in both cities as well. South of Tylis you'll find your faction leader. Move him to Tylis, but leave his army in the field. Transfer all retinue members from your faction leader to the other general in Tylis. Now take the entire garrison, excluding your faction leader, and move it to the south-east. Have the army previously commanded by your king join them. Move your spy and your diplomat east. Your turn is over.

Continue moving your army to the south-east. You should be able to besiege Byzantium and prepare some siege equipment. Keep moving your diplomat and spy east. You should be able to reach a Macedonian town. Arrange Trade Rights and an Alliance with them. They will usually give about 1000 denarii for the trade rights and maps for the alliance. Build a shrine of choice in both your cities. Train a unit of Militia Cavalry in the Campus Getae. Your turn is over.

Assault Byzantium and occupy the settlement. Construct a shrine of choice there and raise the tax rate to Very High. Recruit a unit of peasants and retrain any units you can. Train another Militia Cavalry in Campus Getae and build Land Clearance there. Construct barracks in Tylis. Move your diplomat south-west and send your spy north towards Dacia. Your turn is over.

By now the Brutii will have landed in Greece. Use your diplomat to arrange trade rights with them. Keep moving your spy into Dacia. Take the army from Byzantium (except for the peasant unit) and move it back north. Build a port in Byzantium. Your turn is over.

Continue moving your army north. If your peltasts have sustained casualties you can retrain them in Tylis. Build Paved Roads in Campus Getae and a Trader in Tylis. Recruit a unit of Militia Hoplites in Tylis. Move your diplomat further south, towards Thermon and keep your spy looking around in Dacia.

The future

You have two options for your army. The first option is to attack Dacia. Their early military isn't much more powerful than yours, so capturing their lands will not be too difficult. The other option is to take Campus Scythii first, to reduce the danger of the Scythians. This is harder, because Scythia has many archers and your troops are vulnerable to archers, but the Scythians will have difficulty recovering from this blow. It will also give you another coastal province, which are always good for trade.

Don't make the mistake to expand into Greece too early. Your early military is not very powerful. Secure your northern and western flank first. After that it may be a good idea to send an army south on a fleet to take Crete and possibly Rhodes. These islands will earn you a good amount of money, while they are rarely attacked by other factions.

That's it for this opening moves guide, I hope you've found it useful. If you have any comments or additions I'd love to hear them. Best of luck while playing as Thrace, and may the Sons of Alexander rule the world once again!