Tactica Barbarius: The Saxons

By Scipii

This guide was written based on a campaign on Very Hard / Very Hard, and should apply to any level of difficulty. Depending on how successful a Commander / Governor you are, things may vary as I've tried to view this in the mind of an average player.

The Saxon campaign in Barbarian Invasion is rated moderate in difficulty, but can be hard should you come up against a cavalry dominant army. The Saxons are located up in present day Denmark and start off with one settlement, a meagre army and three ships. You are close to the WRE (Western Roman Empire), the Franks, Burgundii and two rebel towns ripe for conquest but don't expect many attacks from anyone unless you provoke them or they decide to do a one off attack against you.

First turn

To start your campaign off in the right direction, I found that raising the taxes in your only settlement will give you some income. I suggest you build a shrine to Ull to prevent your public order from becoming too low. If you require more income it would be beneficial you start going around to your closest neighbours and securing trade rights. On to the military side of the campaign, move all your garrisoned troops in your capital to Freawine's army to bolster your army so it can besiege Campus Chattii, a rebel town located around about south east of your capital. It would also be advisable, if you believe your men are not enough to besiege Campus Chattii, to hire mercenaries and / or queue up some Saxon Keel troops to help siege Campus Chattii.

Second turn

This turn will be easy as all you will have to do is continue the march on Campus Chattii, if you haven't reached it yet, and send any recruited Saxon Keel to Freawine to reinforce your army for the siege. Apart from that just all you have to do is keep going around the map setting up trade rights with neighbours and exploring the map with your spy if you choose to.

Third turn

Head to your capital, your shrine to Ull should be built now you can either queue up an archery range or some stables. While at your capital if you have any more troops send them to Freawine or send them to Campus Frisii to siege it while Freawine besieges Campus Chattii, in my campaign the WRE was being aggressive and conquered Campus Frisii before I could get there.

Fourth turn

Queue some peasants at Campus Chattii, or use some of your army for the meantime and change the tax rate to very high. Queue up a shrine to the god worshiped in Campus Chattii so that public order stays in the yellow to green. Now you have two options; one is to go conquer Campus Frisii even if it has been conquered by the WRE (their rebels should appear around now or in the previous turn) so they should be too busy to deal with you. Your other option is go across the sea to Britannia, you may have to build a new fleet if you did disband your navy, but the extra tax paying population comes in handy in the very first turns of your Saxon campaign.

Now that you should have a reasonable army and a base to build on you can do what you want. Expand through Germania, the lands of the WRE, Britannia or whatever takes your fancy. There are some tips that you may want to follow when playing as the Saxons. Some of these tips are like, be careful declaring war against a cavalry dominant faction as Saxons have good infantry but their cavalry can be overpowered by more superior numbered armies or a better equipped or battle hardened cavalry. Saxones Invictor!!!