About Us

HeavenGames was founded by Mike “Archangel” McCart in 1997 as a place to provide a community for gamers. Since that time HeavenGames has expanded to host over twenty gaming sites, the majority of them for games in the Real Time Strategy genre.

Rome: Total War Heaven was launched on September 23, 2004. Rome: Total War was HeavenGames’ first venture into the Total War series, and to this point has been a success. Rome: Total War Heaven is currently staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers, who strive to make the site the best place for your Rome: Total War information on the web.

For more information about HeavenGames check here. If you have any questions about Rome: Total War Heaven or HeavenGames in general you can direct them to Terikel Grayhair or any TWH moderator.