From the Grecian Peninsula comes the mighty Macedonian Empire, fresh off her conquest of her southern neighbor Greece. Having defeated their long time foe, the Macedonians now seek to strike out against the other powers of the world. They shall rule the world with the spear of the phalanx and the reins of the charging horse.

Macedon Gameplay Information


From a distant corner of the world, the mighty Indians seek to dominate their neighbors. Relying almost entirely on ranged attackers as their only infantry, the Indian armies are supported by swift horses and mighty war elephants.


Between Macedon and India lie the vicious Persians. Their armies are some of the most diversified in the world. With a variety of infantry, cavalry, elephants, and even the Immortal foot soldiers, Persia seems prepared to meet any challenge.


Not to be outdone, the barbarians of Dahae insist on having their presence felt. Although limited in troop selection, their infantry are strong and their cavalry are swift.