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Topic Subject:Pure Royal Bloodline
posted 18 May 2017 09:53 EDT (US)         
1) Is there any way or edit file that your adopted sons/Bribed Generals to marry any of your available daughter. Cause when I'm playing campaign and regarding my Family tree I want it to be realistic. And I noticed when we adopt a general to be in our family its automatically pop out one of our Generals siblings. That's why I rejected all the adoption offers even I'm pretty short in family members.

2)When I bribe a general does he have the privilege to marry and have siblings?its been awhile I've bribe a general and noticed in that version that my bribe general didn't married.

3)I read a other topic that you can't change the data if you already started the does this player done this? Can anyone explain it to me clearly? Does he planned it from the start? He copied some of scipii family name and add it in his faction namelist?

4)Have you noticed that Scipii Member is married to a Greek princess? How could that happened? I also notice that when we adopt.the adopted son will be in your line then he will marry other girls not one of your daughter.

===================Copied From other Post=====================

Maybe its a little too late to be posting this but ive been looking a way to make sure my brided general's children would have the same last name as their father.

The only topic, ive found anyway, is the link below:

In this topic is being described how the "Surnames", for example the macedonians, can be pasted within the part of the greek "Surnames" within the file: descr_ names.txt.

After testing the results, they have come to the conclusion that it wont work...

Now ive been adding, besides all the Surnames of the roman families, all the Character names of the characters within the Roman familiy tree's, as described in the file: descr_strat, under the faction: greek_cities, ''characters'' and tested the result...

As you can see, my new born son of the bribed roman general has the same last name as his father

So to make this happen: add the Character names and the Surname of your bribed generals to your faction withing the descr_ names.txt file in the ''data'' folder.

For the greek, in particular, ive added the Surnames of the Roman families to the following sections:

;;of Town/City in Greek areas

;;of Sicily

;;;of Greek Region

This to make sure that it doesnt matter where my bribed roman generals come from / are bribed (i'm not really sure how it works), and still carry his father's name.

Hope this will help (and work for anybody else as well)...

Ps: sry for bad english, I'm better with math


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posted 18 May 2017 15:29 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I might have a final solution for at least the pure line. In descr_names.txt, delete all surnames but one from (in this case the greek_cities factions) the list. Now instead of your list with names, there is only one available:


only having that surname available will lead to all greek men having the same surname.

But never forget to backup your files
Also, you need to change the rebel generals in descr_strat.txt as well (the ones with greek_cities as subfaction
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