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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » Reinforcements enter battle pre-massacred
Topic Subject:Reinforcements enter battle pre-massacred
Tina Russell
posted 03 July 2018 20:45 EDT (US)         
So, Iím playing as the Greeks, and Iím attacking a Roman city, Ariminum, with one army of a full 20 units (including a general) entering from the east, and as reinforcements I have another army of a full 20 units (no general) standing by to the southwest. All signs point to a long but highly winnable battle.

But, once the battle begins, simply I can go to where the reinforcements are gathered andÖ at least half of them have suffered huge losses before ever even entering battle. (Also, some of them are weirdly clumped in the corneróthey seem to have taken the most losses.) Each affected unit is down to less than half their previous numbers, often into the single digitsóand they often continue depleting, despite never interacting with an enemy. ÖOnce you start trying to involve them in battle is when the game tends to crash.

Now, if I can exit the battle before the game crashes, then I get a results screenÖ a baffling one, which lists all my losses as kills by the opponent, and even lists some losses as dealt by my armies to the opponent (even if I never so much as approach their walls, let alone fight). I tested all this by starting the battle with all my main armyís units clumped at the east side, then having all except the general flee the battle, then waiting for my reinforcements to enter, then exiting the battle through the pause menu. (This is documented in the screenshots below.)

Whatís more is that, upon exiting the battle, I find that _both_ armies have been horrifically depleted (even if neither has interacted with the enemy)óas though the process of entering and exiting battle somehow requires warriors to go through a nigh-impossible obstacle course of death.

(I donít know if itís relevant, but Ariminum has suffered a plague earlier in the gameóbut it was many turns ago and all relevant characters and settlements recovered. Besides, I donít think that would be relevant because not even the Black Plague killed as many people as quickly and in such a proportion as this bug does before my eyes.)

If I could attach the relevant save file, I would. (sigh) Iíll keep it aside for reference, at least. In any case, this entire problem has me at a loss. Iím using the Steam version, no mods, and Iíve tried validating all installed files in Steam (with no change). Since this is the only battle in which Iíve had this bug, itís possible I could just skip it using the autobattle, but that would feel cheap (and Iíd like to know what this problem is in case itís something I need to fix sooner rather than later).

Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 05 July 2018 12:54 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Ave, and welcome to our forums!

There are several things going on here. None of them are good.

Reinforcing armies entering a battlefield without a general usually do not. They usually wait patiently on the other side of the Red Line of Death and remain there until a unit of your main army exits the battlefield through retreat, withdrawal, panic, or death. Then one unit, usually the one least advantageous to you, enters. The only way to avoid this is to put a general in the stack of reinforcements.

This has its own side effect. Your general will feel it is his honor and privilege to throw his army into the fray, with little regard to anything silly like tactics or strategy. High diddle diddle straight up the middle is his way, and there is naught you can do about it.

The best idea I have- don't use the reinforcing army. Rely on thy skill.

Another thing is the Bug which is killing your armies. I have seen armies waiting to enter a battlefield, but do so in a river, and drown before they enter the fray. Other times, Julii against Scipii, the enemy waltzed right through my lines without lifting a sword, and mine refused to fight, then the other guys marched off the field. Results: I suffered a crushing defeat- even though none had lifted so much as a butterknife. Just one of those things. The only known cure is reloading, or moving to attack somewhere else and come back later.

I have also experienced the USS Enterprise and Ninja Scorpion drivers. I drove some artillerymen from their machines. They fled while I was slaughtering the rest of their family. The battle refused to end as there were still units on the field. But where? Eventually I found them in a corner, blurred and flying up an down as if Scotty was trying to beam them up but failing due to too few dilithium crystals. I have a nice pic of it somewhere before Photobucket killed my links.

Anyway, sometimes shit just happens. I would try to bypass Arminium and hit the other Roman city. Or try to lure the garrison out by attacking a nearby smaller army. Crush that one then kill the garrison and usually the city is then unoccupied and easily taken.

Good luck.

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