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Topic Subject: The defense of Germany - RTW V1.5 vh/vh (Pictures)
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posted 23 September 2006 14:45 EDT (US)   
Hi everyone.

I am going to write another picture account of the campaign I am playing now.

RTW V1.5 VH/VH No Mods - German Imperial - Huge unit scale

Not a normal campaign.

House rules:

1) I am going to defend Germany.
2) I am not going to attack or capture any enemy outside of Germany.
3) Politically I will be attacking unless I am at war with that faction.
4) I can declare war via a diplomat if another faction steps foot on German soil.

This is a big difference for me. I can finish Imperial Campaigns in 20 years when I play aggressively and expand fast. A consquence of my normal play is few advanced units, few buildings, small populations, no squallor problems, dont face powerful enemies. This will be a campaign spanning more years than I have played before.

I am not keeping stats nor posting details of all battles.

Pictures start in the next post.

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posted 23 September 2006 14:50 EDT (US)     1 / 277  
This has not happened to me very often before. Rebel beseigers. I sally.


Hmm. This wont be much fun. Britons archer chariots will be a threat I cannot counter easily in this campaign.

Notice that my German general outside the town and diagonally next to the Briton stack? It did not join in the sally as reinforcements! I have had this happen before when reinforcements are corner wise from the battlefield. Not often..but something to be wary about.

A typical result when you sally against a far bigger enemy. Wear them down but not enough time to finish the job.

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posted 23 September 2006 15:27 EDT (US)     2 / 277  
Archers would be the perfect thing against chariot archers. The have a farther range and kick chariot ass!(as long as you have something to back up the archers with.)
posted 23 September 2006 15:40 EDT (US)     3 / 277  
Nah, go with Calvary, Light Calvary would be best. Just ram Calvary into teh charriots, adn watch them go Amok!!
posted 23 September 2006 15:46 EDT (US)     4 / 277  
The continuing battle against Britons attacking Batavodurum.

7 years into this campaign now. Britons and rebels are the only enemies so far. Briton a big threat. Rebels will have to wait while I defend the town.

This town is the only one that can have a port. Not that I will have many trading partners. I cannot sea trade with Briton or Rebels (at war). So only one long route to Gaul is anticipated.

The battle begins when I sally.

Lots of chariots to fight and few missiles of my own.

German cavalry is poised to charge out at the Britons.

The rush caught one Briton unit.

Next target was a small slinger unit behind the Briton line. The Barb mercenary cavalry did the job nervously. There are lots of heavy chariots nearby.

Here a Briton warband is led towards Germen SPearbands in phalanx formation. Skirmishers get some shots in as they pass.

A lot more damage is being done to Briton in that picture. The Briton general had been led right around to the far side of the town and left there. That general and the reinforcements are coming under fire from the wall towers.

The wall towers will deal considerable damage to one of the Britons archer chariot units.

The German King. Age 66. Bodyguards protect him. They have rode down one Briton unit and look ahead to the still dangerous Briton army. He is under fire from slingers and chariot archers.

Really going for it now. Things are looking good as three cavalry units take apart the Britons infantry.

Here comes the Britons heavy chariots. German kings bodyguards left it a bit late to withdraw. They are taking casualties from those dangerous chariot wheels.

Managed to shake them off but that allowed time for the Brit infantry to rally.

Later it was the Chariot Archers that attacked. They do seem to go after light cavalry...charging as well as firing arrows. My spearbands get ready.

The Brit archer chariots have poor morale and break when they hit the spears. A lot rout away from the spears. I rushed the skirmishers out to intercept. Skirmishers have bonuses against chariots. But it wont be painless for Germany.

Casualties to both sides.

Too many chariots get free.

The Chariots rally and return later. They stood still firing at Spearbands..killing a few...but they themselves were in range of a wall tower. Soon be time to rush the skirmishers out again to kill any routing chariots.

Skirmishers will get a few more. Chariot archers no longer a threat.

The Briton General charges. My skirmishers will not go out side against him. They let loose a wild volley from inside the walls.

Both the generals would be killed on the ends of Spearband spears.

The battle timer saved the Britons from extermination.

Most of the Britons archer chariots were killed by tower fire. They would heal after this draw. The most significant unit on my side would be that Barbarian cavalry unit reduced to 7 men. Their story follows in a later post.

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posted 23 September 2006 16:18 EDT (US)     5 / 277  
The siege was still on after the above 'draw'.

A second genral was supposed to have assisted as reinforcements but he hadnt. He prepares to attack now and hires a Mercenary unit.

These 'huge' mercenaries are cost a effective way of growing towns populations. Costing 800 for 240 men they are offer better value than a low tax regimes which might forgo 500 tax for an extra 70 population.

The Brits withdrew from that battle.

They stood and faught for a while in this battle.

What follows is a significant action. The 7 cavalry men were killing a huge routing Brit warband when it suddenly rallied. The cavlary men were surrounded by spearmen and 3 went down. The 4 remaining cavalry routed. 2 were cut down. That left just 2. Moments later the General smashed the Brits causing them to rout again. The Generals horn sounded and it rallied the 2 fleeing cavalry.

I sent the 2 cavlary after the routing Brits, for the second time. This time there was no rally and the 2 cavalry men spent a long time killing routers.

They went up 3 experience due to the high number of kills.

Those two men with 3xsilver chevrons would be sent back for retraining. They would inspire 106 new recruits to join the unit all with 3silver exp. That elite unit would from now on be used to top up all depleted cavalry units. They would spread experience quickly across the German regions.

posted 23 September 2006 16:33 EDT (US)     6 / 277  
I love when you do these Severous, if I only had your inane ability.

"It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good." Jack Nicholson
posted 23 September 2006 16:50 EDT (US)     7 / 277  

Overconfidence leads to the loss of my first family member Killed in Action.

This youngster had been building watchtowers. He moves alone. Smack into a hidden rebel force of two naked fanatics and one warband. Outnumbered more than 10 to 1. He does not withdraw.

He does well. Destroyed two rebel units but then goes down early in the charge into the last naked fanatic unit.

I noticed for the first time ever after that battle. The nearby watchtower was now rebel controlled. The watchtower no longer provided a field of view over that region. I never knew rebels could take over control of a watchtower.

That very same turn saw a husband appear. Effectively a replacement for that family member I just lost KIA.


Most men would like being chased by women. But not these.


Spearbands doing their stuff.


I have built a fort halfway between Damme and Batavodium. Infantry moving between the two towns can rest safely in the fort. Cavalry will assist the faction leader destroy this rebel army.

The 3silver exp cavalry unit is in action in this battle. If I can I use the novice unit to charge the enemy and the experienced unit to kill routers. The weak cavalry get killed, the experienced cavalry get better.

Here the horsemen are running around looking for a good target. Peasants will do nicely. The General will swing around on the right, the elite cavalry will come through the gap in the centre and hit the peasants from the other side.


My screen of watchtowers on my borders is nearly complete. You can see 4 in this screenshot. Only the north western frontier to build...have to beat those Brits first before I can safely send out my watchtower builders.

Notice the pirate ships in the sea near my port. 3 ships, 1xsilver exp 100men each. They rule the sea. Not a problem. In fact an asset. They seem to be slowing the Britons reinforcements.

posted 23 September 2006 17:26 EDT (US)     8 / 277  
Finances are now a little tight. There are few money making improvments for the Germans. Farms are best early in the game. I have reached the limits of units I can build without creating too high army maintenance cost.

I have however got one unit of dogs. This was their first outing. The surviving Brits from numerous encounters are brought to battle.

German, indeed most Barbarian, infantry have bonus in snow and woods. Chariots have penalties in woods. The chariots would soon be gone. Destroyed mostly. That would pay them back for destroying my new dog unit!

It was the first famous battle of the campaign.


My watchtowers and fort building is now complete. That second fort, to the west of Batavodium, can be reached by infantry in one turn from Batavodium or the other fort.

The politics is interesting. I am allied to Julii and Thrace. Those factions offerred the alliance. I dont have borders with them...but I do border their enemies.

Many of the allainces are between factions that have no borders with each other but both border a common enemy.

You can hide phalanx troops in forests by taking them out of phalanx mode. Here a German Spearband unit is hidden in front of a peasant unit. The rebel unit advancing on the peasants are in for a nasty surprise when I click the Spearband back into phalanx mode.

Disappointment.The above trap didnt get sprung. The rebels turned back. Maybe they thought they needed to help out their general at the other end of the battlefield.

Mercenary barbarians taunt. Rebel warband is charged on both flanks.

The Spearband gets its chance. Oy. Get back in line!


My dog unit is not having much luck but it is surviving. I kept them near the edge of the battlefield so they could rout over the line before losing too many men.

The above action was significant. It was now time for...

I suspect that by sending my forces north to finish off the Brits I had left a weakly held Trier. The Gaul diplomat reported that to Gaul HQ and hence their invasion.

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posted 23 September 2006 17:56 EDT (US)     9 / 277  
This picture is about my build policy.

The highlighted military unit is a peasant unit that has just marched up from the German city to the south. It is about to be disbanded. Disbanding a unit will take the manpower and add it to the population of the city in that region. Damme is thus about to gain 240 population. This will take it over 6000. Thats the next level.

Ive been sending peasants and Barbarian Mercenaries each turn to Damme to reach this point. To force Damme to grow to 6000 fast. Reason? To build Chosen Archers. I agree with the advice offerred in a post above...I want archers to handle Brit chariots..and Scythian Horse archers should they appear in the east. I like archers. (I wont like Gaul Foresters when they appear later in the game)

I have three diplomats and one Spy.

One of each is in Trier.

Perhaps they helped detect that Gaul spy? Cant be sure either helped but it was good the spy was found and evicted from the town. I wouldnt want that Gaul army pouring into my city through spy opened gates.

The sally from Trier was at worse odds than I expected. Again the reinforcements I expected did not participate.

No matter. I like fighting sally battles. The Gaul general was the only one to get away from his unit. Lets hope I have a quiet turn to recruit replacements.


Thats as far as I have got. More will follow in the coming weeks.

I am pleased with the new image host I am using.

posted 23 September 2006 19:55 EDT (US)     10 / 277  
I like it too, how does it do for uploading?

Well, I am thinking of offering suggestions to you, even though you probably don't need them.

I suggest an alliance with Scythia.

A fort between Trier and Batavodium.

Replacing your Mercenary warbands with Spear Warbands when possible, spear warbands are generally more able.

Keep it up, your inspiring me to do one for my conquest of Greece as the Illyrians (after I finish my campaign against Macedon (As Illyria, I tak eone at a time for those two)

"It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good." Jack Nicholson
posted 23 September 2006 20:32 EDT (US)     11 / 277  
You're amazing.

我送你離開 千里之外 你無聲黑白
沈默年代 或許不該 太遙遠的相愛
我送你離開 天涯之外 你是否還在
琴聲何來 生死難猜 用一生 去等待

As Water on Rock
posted 24 September 2006 15:21 EDT (US)     12 / 277  
The Image host I am now using is faster and more reliable than imageshack. Having used imageshack for so long this new host is taking a little getting used to. One thing I like is that I can upload 10 images at a time. Once uploaded I can copy all ten thumbnail links with one click.

Any campaign comments, questions or advice is most welcome from anyone at anytime.

Your advice. Good. Ive since done the first two things you suggest. I dont have any barbarian mercenary warbands in my standing army. I used them to add population to the towns. Being short of money I am no longer hiring any mercenaries for any purpose.

Thanks for your comment. My grammer and spelling are not as good as yours.

Back to the defense of Germany.

The elderly faction leader trots off to a blind spot in the ring of watchtowers on the southern boundary. He will build a watchtower next turn. He didnt know there was a rebel force in that blind spot.

It was near here in similar circumstances that I lost my first family member KIA. But this time I have a stronger general and face weaker rebels.


Finances. Barbarians rely heavily on farming and taxes. I cannot improve my towns much more. Trade is low and if I ever go to war with Dacia it will go lower still as I loose income on the road trade south into Dacian regions.

I plan to recruit 3 Chosen archers in a few years time. That will add €540 per turn to upkeep leaving little for construction or retraining/replacing losses.


Damme was rushed up to 6000 population. It has now completed the new governors building. It now starts to construct the all important Archery range. I want that completed so badly that I drop it in front of the nearly completed MeetingHall. I dont need axemen..I do need archers.


Heres confirmation of the new alliance with Scythia. That was good advice. Perhaps the alliance will make Dacia think twice about attacking.


A few years later:
- the first Chosen Archer has been recruited
- the pirates dominate the North Sea. Good. Reduces Britons ability to attack me.
- Macedon politics look complex. Have they become a protectorate of Brutii? Something wierd will happen a few years later.


German phalanx deliberately poke this side of the rebel unit. Targets the Officer and unshielded.


My diplomat in Spain had reached the Carthage city. I made a big mistake. I offerred trade and alliance in exchange for map information. Carthage accepted but then to my horror I realise I had given away my map information. If Carthage trades its map information it will pass on my map. Didnt want that at all.

Worse followed at end of turn. My other ally, Julii attacked Carthage. I had a choice. Remain allied to Carthage or to Julii. You can see who I chose.

It was also that time in all campaigns when plague hits Macedonia. I toyed with the idea of sending a spy down there and spreading the plague amongst the other factions.

Rebels occur frequently on VH difficulty.

So what. Nothing special you rightly say. Here though I proudly introduce for the first time my new units...Chosen Archers.

more follows.........

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posted 24 September 2006 15:33 EDT (US)     13 / 277  
No problem.

May I aks why you took Carthage over Julii? I think the Julii would be better, for the fact that they are closer, so trade and the need of them of allies is greater, and they also allow alliances with Scipii and Brutii.

I think your big problem will be as you get more and more family members, your upkeep will skyrocket.

Perhaps you can allow yourself to take the rebel town to the North.

"It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good." Jack Nicholson
posted 24 September 2006 15:52 EDT (US)     14 / 277  
Cont....the first battle with my new Chosen Archers. I read up about them as it was the first time I have ever seen these units. Good missile and mellee ability.

Germany and Rebel forces both run for the high ground in the middle of the battlefield. Germany gets there just. The Spearband has a secure flank and was able to dominate the hill top.

Archers fire over the spearband. Then they track the rebel general who is persuing the German cavalry. A steady stream of arrows weakens the rebel general.

Coming close. Too close. I nearly always turn off 'skirmish' mode. So my missile troops will only run away if I tell them.

Wow. Archers are not going down. It wasnt a charge by the rebel general but still I had expected more losses...only one chosen archer would fall. Elsewhere the spearband kills a peasant and a general mops up routers.

My own general and light cavalry turn back to hammer the rebel general in the rear.

The rebel general soon broke. To minimise 'fighting to the death' I called off my cavalry. Let the Archers continue to kill the rebel general unit.

That is the first time ive noticed a heart shape in the armour of the rebel general.

The rebel warband stood no chance. Uphill into a fresh Spearband in phalanx formation? They never got that far. The archers poured a withering volley across the unshielded flank of the warband. They broke and routed before taking any more steps forward.

In the distance you can see a battlefield strewn with dead rebels. Shot to death by the archers. In the foreground is the last rebel unit that has been led around the rock formation to approach from the rear. Spearband merely turn around and they are ready. Archers run to get an unobstructed shot with their last arrows.

Warband broke. Archers 'Alt'+attacked. Drew their knives and run into finish off those exhausted rebels.

Why is it the last router is so hard to kill? Decided to shoot him with 160 arrows. He is dead.

More follows.....

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posted 24 September 2006 16:41 EDT (US)     15 / 277  

As finances are tight I may disband skirmishers as I now have archers that are better. For now they can still be useful.


War hounds attack low defence Naked Fanatics. Ouch.


Summer 254BC. Gaul Invade Trier.

We have been at war for years with nothing happening. Two attempts to make a ceasefire were turned down by Gaul. They slowly massed their troops. The spy provides reassuring intelligence on the Gaul army. No cavalry or missiles in their line up.

I let Gaul advance on Trier. That gives me time to bring up cavalry and a second archer is now nearby.

The Governor is the old faction leader. Age 76+ years. He could die in any turn so only has one bad ancillary in his retinue that I want him to take to his grave with him. But now a battle looms. The faction leader will be in command. I switch all the ancillaries back to the faction leader to maximise command and morale in the forthcoming battle.

Here we go. Sally. Outnumbered more than 2:1 with odds a touch worse than 1:1

Shoot them. Carefully pick the best targets.

Woof and Hoof take down the Gaul flank. Archers continue to pour fire into the Gaul. They are close to giving up.

Then the Gaul cry of ‘retreat’ goes up. All the Germans give chase. Only one Gaul unit stands for any length of time. The rest rout on contact from charging horsemen or dogs.

Body strewn battlefield. Dogs scatter in all directions after killing the last router.

In addition to using the archers and dogs I was working the elite cavalry unit hard. I was trying to gain an elusive Gold chevron of experience. Not achieved in this battle.

More follows…...

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posted 24 September 2006 17:21 EDT (US)     16 / 277  

Did anyone spot the ship off the Dutch coast in the previous campaign map shot?

A Brit boat survived the pirates and nears the coast with an army onboard. Includes a unit of Head Hurlers. Nasty things them.

Decision time. Use my German boat for the first time? How strong is the Brit boat? Will that nearby pirate attack the Brit boat or our boat or both? Where is the Brit boat going to land its troops? German lands or the rebel held Denmark? Should I let them land and battle them on land or attempt to sink them at sea? What would you do?

I attack with my boat. Phew. The Brit boat is already damaged and has few upgrades.

I win. I didn’t see where the Brit boat went…under the waves I think as I didn’t see it row away nor could I see it in subsequent turns.

Feeling pleased with myself. Sunk a Brit invasion force at sea. My boat cannot quite get back to safe harbour.

The Pirates pounce. Big odds against. No question of winning this one.

The boat would suffer 20 odd casualties and row for its life up the coast of Briton. Next turn it was caught again and again it survived and rowed back along the coast and near to its port. With 23 men onboard it limped into port. It would not be repaired for a few turns due to cash flow constraints.

This Guy made me smile. Coming of age and married in the same turn.

Normally I welcome family members. But I've got many more than regions and the additional wages I have to pay is further straining finances. I can only afford one construction project per turn.

A deliberately small army is sent to fight rebels. Archery practice. Cavalry is led towards the waiting archers.

Like fish in a barrel. The archers would pick off the peasants in the valley. Switched targets often to allow peasant morale to recover. That way the peasants didn’t rout too early. (Routing troops are worth only a fifth kill for experience purposes)

Faction Destroyed. Macedon!! How did that happen? It is usually Seleucid that goes first.

If you look closely at Bylazora region next to light blue Trace you can see its rebel colours. It was Black of Macedon in the previous map shots. Macedon was also a protectorate of Brutii. Macedon also had the plague at Thessalonica. Wonder what killed them off…loss of last family member perhaps?

Faction leader has died. Loss of his high influence puts Trier into a red public order state. The new faction leader is a bad tempered guy.

Notice the Brit army just outside my boarders. Its been there a few turns. My rules of engagement prevent me from attacking. I am annoyed at the black devastation that it is causing to my lands. Consider them small cross border raids? Gaul has also done that. Devastation reduces income and I don’t have much to lose. I need a strategy to stop that.

That’s all for a day or two.

posted 24 September 2006 17:32 EDT (US)     17 / 277  
Use a unit as bait to dra them across your border, then atack.

If you continue gaining fmaily members, I suggest beginning to dismiss your Barb cavalry.

Macedon destroyed, strange.

By the way, check out the strat section, I am having my own little campaign there, Too bad I am not so good at keeping up with pictures as you.

"It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good." Jack Nicholson
posted 24 September 2006 18:09 EDT (US)     18 / 277  
Hi misplacedgeneral

I have just noticed your last two posts with questions and advice.

1) May I ask why you took Carthage over Julii? I think the Julii would be better, for the fact that they are closer, so trade and the need of them of allies is greater, and they also allow alliances with Scipii and Brutii.

2) I think your big problem will be as you get more and more family members, your upkeep will skyrocket.

3) Perhaps you can allow yourself to take the rebel town to the North.""

4) Use a unit as bait to draw them across your border, then atack.

5)If you continue gaining fmaily members, I suggest beginning to dismiss your Barb cavalry.

6)Macedon destroyed, strange.

7) By the way, check out the strat section, I am having my own little campaign there, Too bad I am not so good at keeping up with pictures as you.

1) Good question. Thought about it a while before answering. In the game I chose Carthage quickly. I consider the Romans to be the long term threat and they wont honour their alliance. War with Julii will be inevitable wont it? Carthage wont ever be a threat to me. Carhtage already has lots of enemies. By being a ally of Carthage maybe it wont trade my map away (no foundation for believing this..but I hope it is true). As for trade I wont ever land or sea trade with Julii home provinces and it has yet to capture an adjacent region. Neither will I ever trade with Carthage.

2) You made a good call there. My posts were made before I saw your comment. Family members are becoming a pain. They take time to micromanage and money to maintain.

3) Gaining regions to the north would be easy. I admit I am tempted. Those rebel lands are no threat and would make some more income. However I will tread the path I committed to at the outset. Only the 5 regions Germany starts with.

4) Like the bait idea. Maybe an expendable family member? Maybe hide other units in a forest next to the bait. The hidden units act as reinforcements if the enemy attacks? I have been deliberately keeping weak forces in the border regions as I suspect the AI knows your strength and will attack if it finds an advantage.

5) Not my precious Barb cavalry ! I am attached to cavalry. Skirmishers will go first. Have to admit it makes sense though as I will soon have lots of heavy cavalry. Ive not built Gothic cavalry nor any more dogs for the same reasons.

6) Macedon. The faction graphs show Egypt,Greece,Scipii, Gaul and Julii as the top 5 factions. I have a spy on his way to the area. He is in northern Bylazora at the moment and can see devastation near the city but not the city itself. I will publish any intel I get next session.

7) Will go and check the Strat section now.

Thanks for your feedback.

posted 24 September 2006 23:25 EDT (US)     19 / 277  

Good as always, although I was wondering if you actually plan to ever go anywhere, or just defend Germany for the entire campaign.

posted 25 September 2006 02:21 EDT (US)     20 / 277  
Hi Warlord92

The plan is to stay where I am.

No expansion.

No military units to go onto foreign soil.

I want to see what happens when another faction gains the upper hand and really puts the pressure on.

I expect the number of pictures I post 'per game year' will reduce. If I keep posting full accounts of each Gaul invasion it will soon get boring.

posted 25 September 2006 19:09 EDT (US)     21 / 277  
A short update tonight.

My spy provides intel on Greece. He will go as far south as Sparta. The Rebel held Bylazora is captured by Dacia. The Greek Citys control the rest south of there. Brutii control Appolonia, Julii control Salona. Greece and Dacia are soon at war with each other for Bylaroza. Immediately after that one becomes a protectorate of the other.


Gaul launch another invasion. This time they dally in the countryside causing devastation. So I advance towards them building a fort for protection. They besiege and I sally. They have a better mix of forces than their last invasion but they will die.

My General routs that cavalry unit. That causes the skirmisher in the foreground to rout before it has taken any casualties. Both units would be cut down. One unit of archers is about to open fire on that dense mass of Gaul troops.

Whilst I was micromanaging the distant cavalry battles I took my eye off the general who arrived as a reinforcement. He got caught by the two Gaul generals. Lots of his bodyguard would be killed but he would sucessfully escape into the fort.

It was not a difficult battle. Near the end as the Gaul sounded 'retreat' I rushed my troops after the fleeing Gaul. Here a German Spearband is out of phalanx and running down an exhausted Gaul unit. As it closes on its prey the front ranks draw their swords and get busy killing. The Gaul instantly rout.

A Heroic battle. It is also a famous battle. Its news to me that a sally from a sieged fort will create such markers. Both Gaul generals escaped.

Notice the two depleted cavalry units. One@3xsilver and One@1 silver. I was trying to gain as much experience in the 3silver unit. After the battle I merge the two units by putting experienced troops into the least able unit. The troops left in the best unit were the best ones..and it was enough to lift the average for that unit to 1xGold chevron. Retraining would later make that a full strength gold chevron unit.

Just completed a Great Market building. This allows my first assassin. I didnt give myself any constraint in my campaign house rules about using assassins. Once (if) he becomes experienced he will become a useful weapon against a hostile faction. Think I will use him against that Briton region on the mainland of Europe. Sabotage of the port will make a big cut in Brit trade income.


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posted 26 September 2006 18:44 EDT (US)     22 / 277  
These Brits had been standing just inside their border for years. They had refused 'bait' of a German leader standing right next to them. They advanced soon after I withdrew most troops from the region. The second faction leader is grey haired. This will be his second last battle.

This Brit swordsman unit was retreating from battle (not routing) when it was caught at the instant it was crossing the line

When the second German family member charges in the Brits go flying. Some appear to perform some kind of break dance on the ground.

Won with the heavy cavalry of the three family members. Blue bodies strew the red line.


The agent game has been hotting up.
- My assassin had damaged the Brit temple twice. No experience gain. He went south and a successful rebel assasination at ~60% he earnt +1 skill and a +2 ancillery. He is now 6eye skill and finds it easy to attack rebel captains.
- My diplomat in Helvita was bribed over to Gaul.
- My assassin tried to give his ancilleries to a spy. Couldnt. Even though Im sure Ive seen spies with pet monkeys before.
- Found and killed a Gaul spy near Trier.
- Gaul assassin attempted to kill the new Faction Leader called Duva. They failed. Assassin was killed and the leader has gained a trait of Watchful. That will also increase his bodygaurd size.

In that shot Duva had just withdrawn from battle from that Gaul stack that has advanced from the Gaul capital in Alesia.

Some easy Rebel bashing. Interesting was this rebel army started east of here. Near the town. They then moved each turn to one watchtower after another. Are rebels attracted to watchtowers?


Finances easing a bit. Achieved by:
- Disbanding three units.
- Construction complete in a number of cities...until the 6000 population threshold is reached.
- Not added to the army in years.
- Refusing to accept new suitors asking to marry an eligible daughter. (keeps family members wages down)

Thats all for tonight.

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posted 26 September 2006 20:21 EDT (US)     23 / 277  
I have never seen you fight a battle with anything more than 8 units. Do you ever fight with huge armies, or are you actually better with small ones? I know the micromanaging would be easier. (In my BI campain the A.I. is smart(er) so it makes it harder to micromanage)
posted 26 September 2006 21:29 EDT (US)     24 / 277  
Macedon destroyed!!! So Alexander's people have fallen *sob* Oh well keep up the great work Severous! I did something before with the Seleucids. I conquered all of the East, allied with Carthage, and waited until the Brutii and Julii destroyed Macedon and the Greeks before I launched a preemptive strike against'em wiping out their 4 full stack fleets and crushing them everytime they tried to invade my empire,

Ahh defensive campaigns one of my favorite passtimes.

Keep up the rockin work


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I wish I had your ability. I can see your doing better with money.

Sadly, I am not, I am in debt in my greek campaign.

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