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Barbarian Invasion Discussion
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Topic Subject: Sughdian Mercenaries
posted 05 May 2012 06:41 EDT (US)   
After playing BI for a couple of weeks as the ERE and after securing my northern borders defeating the hordes and capturing the Gothic city (name?), I decided to attack the Sassanids who had conquered everything in the East up to Antioch (I was quite pleased they conquered Jerusalem as it kept rioting and the peasant trick doesn't work in BI) and I eventually pushed them back to their original cities. But when I invaded their homeland I just brought two small stacks that I could spare with seven units each, mostly Legio Lanciarii and Dromedarii, as I expected to find powerful mercenaries there, such as the dreaded Sughdians... However, what I found was two full stacks and three half stacks and no mercs besides the crappy camel riders.

So, my question is where and since when can I find these mercs?

I just retreated and decided to consolidate and build a defensive line in rivers and mountain passes

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posted 10 May 2012 02:43 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Looking at the files, I'm not sure that there are any in the campaign, sadly. It looks like you're stuck with Camels, armoured Camels and Bucellarii, unless you get lucky and find Elephants in Arabia.

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