posted 21 August 2012 01:02 EDT (US)   
My personal favorite factions are the romans, western roman empire, eastern roman empire, western rebels (provincial campaign), romano britons (provincial campaign). I am not truly sure exactly why, but I simply can not convince myself to play as the barbarians, (the sassanids are not barbarians, neither arethe berbers,) but sill they are good factions. I do not supose that I would call myself a loyalist of the romans, since they commited terible crimes against other people (sensless slaughter mostly). But my most sincere reason for plying as the romans, is because doing so, the medieval ages will never ocur (if I win).
Plus of course the romans still have the finest, most disciplined infantry in the game, and If I had the means of going back in time to seize power in that time period, I would do all but the impossible to preserve civilization in the west and east much like the Byzantines did. I am calling the Byzantines, Byzantines because first, they were Greek Speaking, and because their capital was former Byzantium, which had been a greek city state, in the time of Helenism. (has anyone ever wondered about the fact that hellene, is what the greeks called themselves, but other's called them greek, in fact it was the Illyrians that were the first to call the Greeks by the name greek, and not as they called themselvesm hellene (perhaps the word is supposed to have only one l, anyone that speaks greek, please comment and tell me if I miss speled the word. If I did then I already say that I am sory.)

Anyway, the point is the romans, all of them, are my prefered factions.