posted 18 February 2016 17:34 EDT (US)   
please move if required. please point me twds any relevant thread. Is it worth getting Attilla or Rome 2. The graphics are better but the original engine seemed to handle formations better. the original battle AI seemed better too. I have the PC to play even warhammer but I was just wondering what the best game for me really is.

What I like is movement tactics, formations, flanking. I like big battles running really smoothly. my best experiences are harassing large armies with my own large armies of horse archers in Rome 1 and mtw 2 Kingdoms. I loved the total war realism mod. I tried Rome 1 online which was good too.

I enjoyed mtw1 Rome 1 and mtw 2 and Kingdoms. I have Shogun 2 but haven't tried much. I have had a fair crack at empire as well. I prefer the Roman and medieval periods but I am tempted to get into Shogun2 or to go back to kingdoms and play as the slow unweildy Templars and do lots of seige battles with Max numbers.

whats the best battle engine. what's the best battle ai. what is best to play online?