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Topic Subject: Historical battle problem
posted 29 April 2012 23:47 EDT (US)   
So there I was, after three-four years of playing RTW vanilla, BI and m2tw that I decided to buy the Alexander expansion. I had heard about its historical battles and was looking forward to playing them.

Indeed, the first two battles, Chaeronia and Granicus were not very difficult, but then I got stuck in Halicarnassus. You see, I was surprised by the range and accuracy of the persian archers who almost decimated three of my Hypaspists and burned my siege tower. Even then, I was able to scale the walls with my entire but depleted army while my companions crushed the cavalry sallying from the city und killed the general.

However, my units were routed by the four units of Immortals standing next to the gate's towers. I would like a piece of advice on how to overcome these problems, as I am mostly a cavalry general and not very good at sieges...

Invincibility lies in defence, while the possibility of victory in the attack -Sun Tzu
Akouson me, pataxon de (hit me, but first listen to me)-Themistocles to Euribiadis prior to the battle of Salamis.
posted 30 April 2012 08:21 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I very much enjoyed playing through the alexander battles. I found them quite challenging.

I did win Halicarnassus, though I think it was on low difficulty and I lost a great part of my army. I think I used about the same tactic as you. First crushing the enemy outside the walls, then getting inside. I remember that once I got in, there was a large force defending the plaza, but eventually I overcame them. It's been years though since I last played Alexander, so I cant be more precize
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