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Medieval 2 Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: HRE m/m opening -- wowza
posted 25 August 2011 02:21 EDT (US)   
I've tried Scotland a couple times, but have mostly been playing England as I learn this game.

Then tonight I decided to try something different and started a m/m campaign as HRE.

I'm stunned at how much stronger they are imo.

While they may have a more difficult time on higher skill levels, they are imo just dominant on m/m.

Their "difficulty" is being surrounded by potential opponents. However, their strength is all around strong units early on -- PLUS (and this is huge) they start out as the strongest faction.

Strong units + strongest faction out of the gate = ???

Rapid expansion is the way to go here imo.

The main hard target is the French to the West. They start out as the second most powerful faction. Ally them and keep enough units along your western border to keep them at bay. Also a good idea to ally with Milan, Venice, and England to keep them out of your hair for awhile so you can focus on...

The soft targets!

Your weak neighbours include Denmark to the North and Poland to the East. Your Emperor and whatever army he can marshall also has the early role of taking Florence + the island cities SW of Florence.

In my game, I marshalled all my opening forces (except the southern army with the Emperor) into two stacks. One went and wiped out Denmark to the North (and then on into Scandinavia). The other went and is working on finishing off Poland to the East. Both were push-overs, giving me a very, very large early empire (in the first 25-40 turns).

After Poland bites the dust, I am looking at an alliance with Byzantines (now the 2nd strongest faction) and to attack Hungary, trying to secure my eastern flank.

Meanwhile, Milan decided to backstab, so I have one new army looking to take out his primary army in a former rebel city he just took. I also have my Emperor's half-stack sieging the relatively undefended Milanese capital. Milan should fall in a few turns, leaving France as my lone concern to the West.

If Venice attacks, that could spice things up a bit, but for now things are ok.

The real dangers to the HRE imo are twofold:

1) Diplomacy. Surrounded by that many factions and really being set up to attack early, diplo is key. I let myself get excommunicated early to finish Poland, hoping to repair papal relations later. The French alliance has been really key so far. Isolating the soft targets is a key to victory.

2) Economy. Growing so fast so early leads to some economic concerns. One has to be careful not to pump out too much military too quickly and to try to work efficiently with the units you have available. As usual, prioritize economic buildings in all cities until the economy is relatively strong.

If you can negotiate these two main concerns, and manage your conquering in an effective manner, you should be able to coast to victory with HRE imo.

Hope this helps newer players.
posted 25 August 2011 08:55 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
There was an interesting thread from someone who won the long campaign with HRE on VH/VH in 39 turns - but I can't find it currently.

I do quite like HRE as a faction, they have a lot going for them as you say. If it's ok with you, once this has had all the discussion in the strategy section that it's going to get I'll move it over to the guides section of the forum.

Assuming you keep going with the campaign it'd be interesting to hear how you get on
posted 25 August 2011 10:12 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Sure, no problem. I'll post updates as I keep going with it.

That's crazy about winning the long campaign VH/VH in 39 turns!!!
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