posted 21 February 2012 18:46 EDT (US)   
This is a small guide, better a reminder. This is based on battles.

So I came up with a thought; did you sometimes made a tactic that you thought it will work and it didn't work? Nevermind is it an online, or a battle against the AI. Yeah, that happened to me lots of times. the battle has started and you just began to maneuver your unit's as you planned. But wait - the enemy has intercepted you and your plan didn't work, he took advantage of that and has crushed you!? I hate this as much as you do. I came up with this:

1. What 99,99% of the people do is plan the strategy and not taking enemy units into account. You know the "Hammer and Anvil" strategy? That's pretty easy, you hit them from the rear with cav. In that case (drawings people made) They considered that the enemy IS NOT GOING TO MOVE, or he wont try to turn his pikes on those cavalry, lol.

So, many players do not take various counteratacks into accound.

2. When even a small thing goes wrong - PEOPLE LOOSE MORALE . This has happened to you but you didn't know how to describe it, yeah. I have lost many battles thanks to this. if your plan didn't go as planned and something went wrong, you'd loose morale and fight and think less effectively, and some players even quit battles. But it is far from over. This happens with all failed strategies or tactics.

So I think I've helped you out a bit.