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Medieval 2 Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: hungarian campaign
posted 27 July 2012 08:37 EDT (US)   
Hello, everyone! I am new here and I would like to hear some advices about game. I usually play with Hungary.

I am quite a newbie when it comes to this game, and I have big problems with playing... Usually I stop playing already before 100th turn. So here are some questions:

How to keep economy grow? My problem is, that at the best situation (and it happens only when I am not in war with anyone) I have around 10 000 florins. But usually I am in big financial troubles, rarely having more than 4000, and often falling into minus. How to resolve it and have healthy economy? I always build first roads, than markets and ports and then farms. I even send a merchant to rich Constantinople region, but nothing helps.


I usually conquer at the beggining Iasi, Bucharest and Zagreb. Sometimes even Sofia. What is the best direction to go further? I don't like attacking Poland, because they are my only neighbour who are trustfull ally. When I go in direction of Kiev, it's quite problematic because it is far and in Kiev are ALWAYS riotings. To go to the south against Bizant seems a bit hard because it is big empire to conquer and to leave Budapest opened for HRE for invasion... I don't know. So I always play against Venice. I try to attack Ragusa and Venice at the same time and destroy Venice soon this way, and leave Iraklion for later. However, from some reason, Venice always seems hard to conquer, their armies look like coming from nowhere and they always make me troubles. To this I must add that almost always I get attacked very soon by Bizant, and often also by HRE. So what to do?


It somehow seems to me that it is stupid to keep Iasi (which is never in danger) as castle, and Zagreb (which is on strategically very important position) as city. So I always convert Iasi to town, and Zagreb to castle. Does it have sense or it is bad move?


I know that for Hungary cavalry is the most important. However, I find it terribly hard to play with missile cavalry and it needs a lot of time and money to come to the point when I can recruit melee cavalry. From the other side, Croat Axemen seem as quite usefull troops, and also I would like to get to the point where I can recruit battlefield assassin. Also there are some not bad kinds of archers, and personally I prefer to fight with a lot of archers, especially in defence of castles and cities. So what kind of recruitment buildings to build in castles? I always find it very problematic, I build all and come to financial problems. It is also very slow. But I just don't know on what I should concentrate. Also, how should look one good hungarian attacking army?

Thank you for your response!
posted 28 July 2012 22:01 EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Sorry i didn't get to this sooner. Now i have practically no experience play as the Hungarians but i can help you generally.

Now, what is your ratio of Castles to Cities? the best ratio would be 3 cities for every 1 castle. Merchants can be very useful but you need to have several to see any real benefit. Try sending a Merchant to Baghdad as there are some valuable products around that area.

Spreading the Empire
Well, i suggest possibly first expanding into the byzantine Empire. This will allow you unrestricted expansion and allow your armies to get good experience and some very profitable areas. After that, i recommend attacking and destroying Venice. This will give you a large empire with many cities and ample trade between them. After that it would be up to you.

Well, it all depends on how well developed Iasi is developed compared to Zagreb. But Zagreb is a rich province with many land boarders and therefore ample trade opportunities.

Cant really help u here. The only thing i can say is to play to the strengths and your particular playing style. Heavy cavalry may be effective but it has a high upkeep. About 5 units of Heavy Cavalry is quite adequaate most times. just make sure you have ample archers and infantry to delay the enemy and allow you to orchestrate the time tested metho f Hammer and Anvil.

Sorry its not much but thats all i can help with.

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posted 29 July 2012 05:44 EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Hello Aramis

A lot of your difficulties are probably interlinked - expanding to take more settlements can help with the economy, as can getting by with a relatively small army and having success on the battlefield.

I have played a bit as Hungary (aiming to get the Transilvanian peasants (from taverns in cities I think)) but not for a while. Going against Venice is a good plan probably, you could perhaps wait and let them get stuck in with a war elsewhere first perhaps - are you on normal difficulty?

The building priorities seemed sensible for financial growth.

I agree on Iasi and Zagreb - however I'd probably wait a while (if possible) before converting Zagreb. Towns grow a lot faster when on low tax (having a general sat in a low tax settlement will give him chivalry and in turn boost growth further/faster) than castles; in my Sicily hotseat campaign Zagreb is a nice shiny castle that way.

If you can push Venice back then perhaps taking Sicily next would give you a nice economic position - the Italian coastal settlements are superb for sea trade.

In castles I'd suggest focusing on archery ranges and ignore stables. If you've got money worries it might be best (if you are happy with them in battles) to use militia troops for most battles, since they're cheaper. If you use the buiding browser then you can check which troops can be recruited from which buildings; you might find that if you've got a small castle and don't want low level infantry from it then it could be better to wait to build any barracks until it's large enough to upgrade the settlement (i.e. if you only want to get the top level barracks then you can delay investing in any of that building chain).

If you give up by turn 100 then you'll miss gunpowder - Hungary gets Serpentines (a type of cannon) that are my favourite unit.

If anyone has a mid-campaign Hungary save then would they mind uploading it to share? I've got a Danish one underway but might try Hungary next and make it available in case anyone is interested

Oh and while thinking about it; England has a relatively easy campaign given it's starting position and also has good archers so it might be worth trying that and coming back to Hungary later.

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posted 30 July 2012 13:45 EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I happen to like Hungary(besides that their faction colors are Pink and Green...). They actually have a good position with plenty of wealthy settlements nearby. A great roster and are the only non-muslim faction to have assassins in battle.

I happen to be doing a little hotseat as them now(Retrofit, If that matters). If I was around when it started, I would probably have joined HotseatA as Hungary.

I will proceed to say more, although I may have a different playstyle of course.

Hungary is a great faction for me, as they are almost surrounded by Rebels and have the Orthodox Byzantines to the south. I coinsider the beginning of the game as a total landgrab, and many Catholic factions don't have much to take until their borders are surrounded by other Catholics. I quickly move to take Zagreb, Sofia and Kiev before anyone else. Zagreb I keep a town for wealth and growth. Sofia I keep as a castle as a base of operations against the Byzantines and convert it after. Iasi I convert aswell. Bran is my ultimate Castle that I build my military at, everywhere else I build economically. Once you take Constantinople out, your economy will rise exponentially, same goes for taking the Italians out. From there It's really about building efficient armies and conquering/crusading.

Choosing the right units and using them right can typically win you any battle, for Hungary, this is actually pretty easy. I use infantry with high defense(dismounted kights or heavy spearmen) to form my main battleline. Infantry with high charge(and that usually means high regular attack anyway) for my offensive troops, Croat Axemen serve this role perfectly

For ranged units, train Bosnian archers, they have a pretty good cost:effectiveness ratio(which is very important), Do NOT train the castle crossbowmen, they are aweful, Hungary is weird in that it has crossbowmen in castles, when it can train the far more supirior Pavise Crossbowmen as militia(free upkeep) units in cities. According to my handy unit info guide, FAUST, which I found on TWC, Though the Pavise have a 160 more gold cost to train, they have 25 less upkeep(which is far better as upkeep is deducted each turn), they also have 3 more missle attack, 40 more range, and have 6 shield defense.

And cavalry, I may be seen as abit crazy, but I totaly despise using knights(slow cav) as faction with much better(faster) cavalry that cost less and are almost as good attack/defense-wise. Hungary is one such faction. Use Hussars! Also as shown in Faust, cav have 3 different speed levels. Knights and other heavy cavalry are the slowest at 1, normal cavalry are 2, and the fastest(which have the fast moving trait you can see on a unit's unitcard are the highest with 3. Hussars have forty less upkeep than the knights(110 less than the Royal Banderium), are 2 speed, have the same morale, have two less charge than knights(except Feudal knights which are the same), the same attack(both sword and lance)(although 3 more than feudal knights), one less overall defense, and of course the same number of units.

And I am a huge fan of missile cavalry, when used right(and when the enemy has few missle units), you can take out alot of troops while taking little to no casualties, as you are ranged, but have the moblity to stay out of melee combat. For Hungary this is actually quite a hard decision. Hungary's only 3 speed cavalry is the Magyar Cavalry, they are cheap, but lack good morale and armor. Hungary's other cav archer is the Hungarian Nobles, 2 speed, significantly more expensive, with significantly more armor, morale, and abit more attack. Choose accordingly...

Well, I guess I've said enough for now. I hope I may have helped in anyway. Anyone feel free to comment, especially since I believe this is the first time I really gave advice.

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