posted 10 August 2014 21:23 EDT (US)   
This is my first topic in the forums. So yeah, big whoop, I know.

Anyways, I thought I'd make something to aid in playing the fierce Scots.

Now, early period.

Obviously, take Inverness, Dublin, and maybe York, in that order or what not, it's up to you. Also, make sure you have some form of military presence watching your England-Scotland border (big garrison essentially).

I like to turtle, and I like to wait and see if the Danish go into Sweden or Norway before I go into the "land of money". By that, I mean Stockholm. When it's a Huge City, I had it pumping out 7,000+.

Focusing in on Britannia (not the Kingdoms thing), it may or may not be in your best interest to ally with England. In numerous of my Scotland campaigns, they prove to be a truly loyal ally, more so than Milan.

Or you can wipe them off the British Isles, as that may be, truthfully, a more economically sound idea.

If you have secured an economical and military presence in the North, all of England or Norway and Sweden in the mix maybe, I recommend turtling (if that's your aging style). That alone can fish you in a TON of money, York got to 5,000+ or so before...

Continuing on, you may have done the occasional Crusade to do... whatever it is you do. I liked to gift it to my nearest neighbor (to the crusade target that was Catholic and NOT the victim of the Crusade) in exchange for money. I did that with Italy as well; killed Sicily and then gifted everything that wasn't in the British Isles (Scottish Isles by then) to the HRE for a heap load of money. I got to be trusted allies with them for a long, LONG time before...

Continuing on, it is unlikely the Mongols or Timmies will come to get you, if you play at a 0.5 time scale like I do. Once 1400 came around, however, I went straight for Cuba, establishing a strong presence in the Americas (my King went from a normal general to Prince to King during the whole trip) with a stable army of:
1x General (King) 1 weapon and armor upgrade
4x Feudal Knights 1 weapon and armor upgrade
9x Noble Swordsmen 1 weapon and armor upgrade
4x Noble Highland Archers 1 weapon and armor upgrade
2x Culverin

That same army went to conquer Tlaxcala, with my general Lachlan Bunnok, who later sacrificed himself for the glory of Scotland in that dung heap.

Once reinforcements (same army make-up) got there, I pulled a "surprise Aztec-attack" on the Aztecs on their Emperor just outside Cholula, and then eventually killed off nearly all their military before vassalizing them, the terms being nothing more than "become vassal" and "accept or we will attack". That alone granted me an instant 5 million+ pay check, which would come in handy when the HRE came knocking at Stockholm's gates.

I still have to finish that campaign, but I'd say that an infantry-based army with weapon and armor upgrades can lay waste to virtually any foe, just don't forget the artillery, archers, and Calvalry! Still, throw enough Noble Swordsmen at Gothic Knights, and you got replacements for Pikemen.

From my overall experience, blitzkrieging isn't exactly Scotland's best strategy, but the experienced gamer can pull it off (Viking Invasion, Highlander style!).

Although playing 600+ turns may seem boring to the Blitzkrieg-style gamer, it all makes a great campaign to "save the world" when a faction finally owns over 90% of the map that isn't you.

Hope that this makes a campaign for you Scotland lovers out there!

"Kill them all!"
-Favorite Line of every Scottish general