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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: advice
posted 09 October 2008 20:59 EDT (US)   
when playing egypt are there any factions i should destroy, be neutral or have an allience with. When playing brutii is it wise to attack egypt when i am fighting the civil war and have a army on the border any advice on these would be helpful
posted 09 October 2008 22:08 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
As Egypt it would be a wise idea to take the Seleucid Empire because if you don't attack them first generally they will attack you (which makes no sense because the Egyptians are by far superior to the Seleucid especially in the beginning). Also, their provinces are especially wealthy especially Antioch and Tarsus. You should then focus attention onto the rebel settlements because they are relatively easy to get. Petra and Bostra both help somewhat when you are playing the Egyptians. The Numidians in Siwa should also be removed because they are easy to remove and Siwa is pretty profitable and rarely gets attacked (until the Scipii take the land around Carthage which usually takes awhile). From there you should have a very profitable empire, and you could go to Pontus or expand towards Parthia. I would advise you to go towards Pontus because those settlements are more profitable and you eventually have to take Rome anyway. War with the Armenians and Parthians will eventually be inevitable but avoid as long as possible. There are really no huge benefits going that direction.

As the Brutii you should probably stop attacking when the civil war, and start moving your troops towards Rome. Otherwise you may find that the other Roman factions may overrun your provinces. The Brutii are in a pretty good positition though during the civil war because by that time Croton and Tarentum and Apollina should both be able to produce high quality troops pretty quickly and the treasury won't be that huge of a problem (unlike the Julii).

Hope this helps!
posted 10 October 2008 05:24 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Yes with Egypt I'd attack the Seleucids as soon as possible, you can blitz them quite early in the game as it doesn't take long for you to acquire Nile Spearmen, the Seleucids will have almost nothing to offer other than militia hoplites for some time. So if you go for them by the throat you should be able to get that portion of the East very quickly. Then I'd consider a go at Parthia while they haven't many cities - you don't want to leave a horse archer faction unattended, and they will cramp your style in any westward advance as you'll always have to leave a few armies behind to watch them. Then Pontus might be a threat...... Basically you should destroy everyone in the East, seriously, but do them one at a time starting with the Seleucids and then Parthia.

As the Brutii it rather depends on the state of play. If the Julii and Scipii haven't got much of an empire at all, then with your superior economy in Greece you should be able to launch multiple campaigns at the same time. But if they have big empires, then it's safest to leave Egypt well alone and focus everything on the Romans. Egypt chariots and phalanxes can be a threat to the Romans, and their economy is fantastic and will literally be able to build armies as fast as you can destroy them. So only go to war with them if you're convinced you can handle it. And when I say handle, I mean you have enough troops to attack a city, capture it, and immediately move on to the next, and so on until Egypt doesn't exist anymore. If not, they'll be a constant annoyance sending army after army at you.
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