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Rome Strategy Discussion
Moderated by Terikel Grayhair, General Sajaru, Awesome Eagle

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Topic Subject: Best races of the three classes
posted 04 November 2004 00:07 EDT (US)   
Hey just wondering wat u guys think of this for the best race out of each class: Note not including races which are available thru the mod

First Class: Barbarians
1st: Germany
2nd: Britannia
3rd: Gauls....they truly anti cavalry

Second Class: Civilised nations
1st: Carthage and Selucids
2nd: Egypt
3rd: Greece
4th: Parthia..truly..they suck only horses..

Third Class: Romans
1st: Julli
2nd: Brutti
3rd: Scpii...truly what a crap strting position

posted 04 November 2004 00:23 EDT (US)     1 / 14  

posted 04 November 2004 02:05 EDT (US)     2 / 14  
Best of

Barbarian: Britannia

Civilised: Egypt(campaign), Carthage(multiplayer)

Rome: Scipii (great starting position: capital is secured from invasion by other roman factions, after sicily is taken, the island is a stronghold, the 3 cities there can mutually defend each other)

posted 04 November 2004 03:04 EDT (US)     3 / 14  

Egypt are widely used on MP as well, and they are good. carthage is on the other hand fairly limited.


posted 04 November 2004 03:58 EDT (US)     4 / 14  
Barbarians. I am tempted to say Gauls purely because of forrester warbands but I'll have to go with Germans as they have more than one elite unit.

Civilized nations.. Definatly Parthia just because of the Perisan horse/Cata combo. For a siege tho I'd prefere Greece tho as Spartans is the only phalanx unit that can be used succesfully as shock troops as all of the Grecco and Eastern factions have a complete lack of shock infantry.

Romans.. Kinda the same but I'd have to go with Brutii as they have the biggest potential income.

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posted 04 November 2004 04:51 EDT (US)     5 / 14  
4th: Parthia..truly..they suck only horses..

Can not agree... Elef+heavy horses - it's really good thing!

posted 04 November 2004 18:46 EDT (US)     6 / 14  
Romans - Brutii.

Civilized - Seleucids(single player), Carthaginians(multiplayer).

Barbarians - Germans.

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posted 04 November 2004 21:27 EDT (US)     7 / 14  
Romans - Julii

Civilized - Parthians

Barbarians- Sycthians

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posted 05 November 2004 22:14 EDT (US)     8 / 14  
Romans - Julii (Romans not wearing red clothing? Nonsense!)

Barbarians - Britons

Civilized - Selucids

posted 05 November 2004 23:58 EDT (US)     9 / 14  
ditto king

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posted 06 November 2004 01:34 EDT (US)     10 / 14  
I like the Germans the best for the barbarian factions.

Eygpt for the civilized.

The Scippi for the Romans.

Armenians for multiplayer.

posted 06 November 2004 06:43 EDT (US)     11 / 14  
Germania, Carthage, Brutii. I am pwning the world with all three.
posted 06 November 2004 15:35 EDT (US)     12 / 14  
I had heard Carthage were really hard

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posted 07 November 2004 12:35 EDT (US)     13 / 14  
Brutii, the greece area is the richest area in the game.

Macedonia, same as Brutii, but they aslo have the best cavalry in the game.

I hate barbarians, I like to build my empire before invading. You just cant do that with barbarians. I like to have huge cities, and have atleast 1-2 million denari before invasion.

But Britons

posted 07 November 2004 14:05 EDT (US)     14 / 14  
Barbarians-Scythians- Scythian Horse archers and Noble cavalry rock!

Civilized-Selucids their Silver Shield guys kick ass, and they have cataphracts.

Romans-Brutii Can easily gain greece and macedon, then sail acroos to Egypt. All this equals a bottomless pit of cash.

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