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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: Brutii's War with Greece
posted 12 November 2004 13:56 EDT (US)   

I'm re-trying the Brutii for the second time now, and this time I really hope it won't fail.

In the year 270 BC, the Senate askes of you to take the Rebel Settlement of Apolloina, I usually take it in the 269 BC mark so Greeks won't capture the rich Town before I do. After that I usually head up and capture the next Rebel settlement, giving my 4 provences of rather rich land. Then I build up, get trade rights and an alligence to Macedon and make an army to take the Greek settlement of Thermon, a rich naval trade city, and a goot place for a navy to anchor.
I wait until a good 2,000 men can storm the city, and call on the help of Macedon, who usually takes Athens with a Corinthian army.

Thats as far as I've gotten, around 265 BC, then Greece and Macedon usually ally and take my Greek city-states and move onto Italy after me.

Any tips on how to play them?

posted 12 November 2004 14:00 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
The best thing aboutGreece is that it's very easy to set up blockades and 'chokepoints', due to the mountainous terrain. Proper and prudent placement of forts throughout your campaign are essential! Also, make use of the many mercenaries avaialble in the region, because with such concentrated urban areas the fighting is thick and fast, so on the spot aid from mercenaries is a great help.
posted 12 November 2004 14:17 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Gah, I'm just going to install the mod and play with the Senate or something

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