posted 04 February 2013 10:38 EDT (US)   
I certainly have.

Started a campaign with the Britons and immediatly started losing money. Not sure why. But anyway, I figure I'd invade Gaul and sell some buggers to the Roman slave markets (had negotiated trade rights with Julie, Skippy, and Squeaker; Brutal told me to "sod off", God knows why. Maybe I forgot to wear deodorant?)

So I attacked the nearest Gaulish village with 3 units of Warband Infantry, a unit os Slingers, and a unit of Light Chariots. I was up against 3 weak armies, the only difference was that one army had a 3 star General. I had thinned two of the armies out in the previous turn. The got the General afte I started the siege so it was pretty balanced.

So the the battle starts and I put the Slingers and 1 Warband unit on one side of the town with a ram. The other infantry units were left at the starting place also with a ram. My plan was to make two breaches and break through to the square before the reinforcements got there.

I thought it was a good plan...until it went horrible wrong. The Slingers were attacked by the enemy chariots and were routed as I was making them move into position. The Warband unit I had to support the Slingers also routed.

On the other side of the village, my captain on the chariots was killed. This caused my chariots to rout. I was now left with 2 units of Warband. I immediatley but them in 'guard mode' and attempted to push through. For no apparent reason one unit of Warband routed with 80 men still alive.

There I was with one unit of Warband against 2 units of enemy Warband. One was guarding the square, the other was in combat with my final unit. Everything seemed to be going well and them that final Warband were routed for no reason.

Of course, I lost. I believe the reason why was because of the position of the rams. It got very confusing, I was trying to figure out where the enemy was coming from. It wold have been better to have all the assault troops cominf from ONE direction and not two (i.e. the staring position - one ram does the gate, the other breaches the wall).

That way I would have had my entire force in front of me and wouldn't have had to frantically click between units who ere seperated by a quarter of the village. Epic commanding fail, huh?

I had to scrap that game though. I was -359 denarii in debt. I have have no idea why that is. I had only just started the game and was being frugal. I wasn't wasting money on stockades in towns that we're going to be invaded for awhile.

So, you have any stories of your tactical fails?