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Topic Subject: Alternate Hotseat-Holy Roman Empire
posted 24 March 2009 23:57 EDT (US)   
Well, by popular demand (actually it's just EoJ) I've decided to start posting my turns on this thread. Hopefully your advice and input will prove useful and I'll be sufficiently entertaining.
Note: If you're from the Alternate hotseat then no looky! These people include

Now, onto the hotseat!
posted 25 March 2009 00:12 EDT (US)     1 / 6  
Note that the updates will start on my next turn due to me not taking any pictures at all. Hopefully though the following overview will give you a good idea on how the hotseat campaign has progressed thus far. If you have any questions on what has transpired in the earlier turns then just ask, I'll be glad to fill you in.

My last turns financial report along with comparison with the other nations. As you can see ze Confederacy of Prussian City States is NUMBAH 1 in all categories except for financial.

In the Italian theatre all is quiet, after subjugating Florence I just stuff a garrison there to discourage any ideas of a sneak attack from both the Venetians and the Milanese. I don't plan on expanding here anymore.

In the West I have snatched up some rebel provinces, leaving Bern for the Milanese. I have an agreement with the English to carve up France betwixt our 2 nations. I am currently at my allotted boundries by our treaties in this area. I foresee no immediate expansion in this area.

In the North my armies have defeated a Danish army and beseiged Arhus. Hopefully it'll fall next turn without any interference from the danish troops on the longboat doohicker. I plan on expanding into Scandinavia due to the plentiful rebel provinces there. If Farkse chooses to expand there though then...

In the North-East part I have snatched up Thorn though I spotted a Polish army in the dark area that is obscured by the fog of war. Hopefully their assult of uh.. meckleburg? Not quite sure there. Hopefully they don't take any of the 2 rebel lands. Having poles inside my borders is a disturbing prospect.

My Diplomatic relations, I'm allied with Milan, Poland, and the Papal states on officially. Unofficially Farkse hasn't responded to any of my messangers yet, and I have a firm alliance with the English. The Milanese are the odd ones out due to the fact that they have thrown in their lot with the Moors. I think they even called a crusade to the Holy land already so that the English and German armies don't run rampant over the moors.

My cog loaded with 3 priests head toward the Iberian peinsula to keep the Christian faith alive there. As well as forcing ElBandito to keep some garrison troops to quell the religious unrest that will undoubtedly follow.

Overall rankings

Military strength comparison

Production ratings, I'm WAYYY higher then everyone else.

Territorial Rankings

Financial Rankings

Population Rankings

As you can see my nation is the big shot in this campaign thanks to my quick blitz of rebel settlements.

Papal favor charts

ALright, and that's my current summery of the past 7 or so turns. Comments and insight is always appreciated!
posted 25 March 2009 10:25 EDT (US)     2 / 6  
First and foremost, you should not be too afraid of Farkse, as on auto resolve the russian horse archers s***. It would be wise to gain some italian cities as they make a lot of money, I suggest that you blitz milan and genoa, so that you have a large front against france, but make sure you blitz those settlements in the same turn, as the pope will not like it.
posted 31 March 2009 21:55 EDT (US)     3 / 6  
Well turn 8 and the I already hate the pope.

I'm still #1 in everything except financial.

I REALLY REALLY wanna assult the Danish capital and finish them but I can't. I"m afraid of what'll happen if I do. If I lose then I won't have much armies left in my Northern front.

Not to mention these 2 little gems of a missions from the fat man in the funny hat. I don't recall ever getting any notifications of these missions. So in the end I guess I"ll just wait out the Danes and pray to God that beseiging a city doesn't count as "hostile" actions"

Ugh... Bad news just keeps on coming. Poles have beseiged Madeburg with a 5 star General. I doubt that he'll lose.

This time I"m the bearer of bad news. To the moors. Last thing I want is Spain gone. And being the largest nation in the hotseat, my word is the law. I'm curious to hear his reply.

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posted 03 April 2009 02:38 EDT (US)     4 / 6  
It's probably a laugh. I mean, you're in Germany, he's in Iberia. There's not much you can do without Spain falling, and even if you send an army over, it's one army against a nation, which has had time to prepare.

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 03 April 2009 17:39 EDT (US)     5 / 6  
Kill the Pope and hope that that will end the crusade.
Kill the New Pope in next 20 turns so you can call a crusade against Moors if Spain falls.
Back off from the Danish just so that mission passes.
And try getting peace with them and then focus on Poland.
posted 18 April 2009 14:15 EDT (US)     6 / 6  
2 turn update! In the space of two turns my empire's been excommunicated, the Danish have FINALLY been eliminated and I've taken the rich city of Venice. But anyways, onto the update.

Turn 9 Confederacy of Prussian City States

My best general hires a ton of mercs and assults Venice right away thanks to my shiny new Ballistas. Being excommunicated may actually be a blessing in disguise! Sure I might have lower public order, but now I can attack whoever I want and damned be the consequences.

All those troops against the Doge of Venice and his bodyguard? This should be cake.

And it is, Venice falls without a struggle.

Plenty of $$$ from sacking it.

My converting force lands in the Iberian peinsula. They should cause plenty of trouble and unrest for Bandito while netting easy piety points.

In the north I move up my old eastern army up by ships to assist with the assult on Arhus.

Where the hell did that polish beseiging army on Magdeburg go...? o_O

The Milanese have a awful lot of troops in close to my cities... Probably those damned Italian spear militas too.

The messanger from the Moors arrive. Bandito seems to think that since he's far far away from me he may insult me with impunity. He seems gearing up for a war.

This message from my English allies confirms my suspicions.

Bandito may think that he's invincible, but I have a nasty surprise in store for him...

I apologize to Bandito to lure him into a sense of false security and then proceed to end my turn.

This plan against the Milanese and Moors is of the utmost secrecy, do not hint at it if you happen to comment on Moors or Milanese's campaign threads. DO NOT do anything of the sort. Thank you!

Anyways with that out of the way, here's turn 11

I get an marriage proposal for Agnes, but he's WAY too old for her. Besides, Agnes is waiting for Purdicci Rossi to come of age.

Message from Bandito. Yes indeed, I certainly view you in a different light now.

Message from the English, I must reassure them. If they back out from this plan or spill the beans to anybody then there will be a BIG problem.

Speaking of problems... The Danes have been a thorn in my side for too long. It's time I eradicate them once and for all. INTO THE BREACH MEN!!

A victory, but the Danish put up a good fight. More casualties then I would've liked.

I sack the city.

I could care less about this, y'know why?

Because they don't exist anymore! *dances around*

Is that.. the new Venetian Doge? It's time to give him a nice warm imperial coronation gift.

Loyalty is a wonderful thing...

Oh geez, here's the harbinger of the storm from the north. Russian spies and Priests. If only I could use the surrounding trick or had some assassins out. I should probably start fortifying the north right around now.

No matter, the Milanese have gone on crusade. That leaves their home cities unguarded too.

And that ends this update.

Xishko, while in a normal campaign I would probably try and kill off the Pope, I recall that excommunication is between a faction leader and the pope right? Emperor Heinrich is already 47 years old so he should keel over soon enough. Once that happens then I'll be fine again. Besides, being excommunciated gives you some freedom, you can invade who you like, when you like. Not to mention that since there's already a crusade on Antioch I won't have to worry about retribution for another 25 turns or so at least.

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