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Topic Subject:Howabout them Hotseats?
Kilij Ae Varyl
(id: AugustusCaesar)
posted 03 November 2012 12:55 EDT (US)         
Ello, this is Kilij Varyl 'ere again, and I have an evil plot to rise in power by making a new hotseat.

I've mostly been playing CKII(Crusader Kings II) lately, and as far as total war goes, pretty much only been playing in HotseatA. Memories of my own hotseat, The TATW hotseat(In my sig), gave me the inspiration of making another. The TATW hotseat, from what I seen, was one of the most successful here in getting a good sized roster of players, it diminished over time. It was great to gather such a good-sized roster, and had the potential to be a really great hotseat long-term. I wish to reach this ambition in a new hotseat.

One of the great advantages we have now, is that we now use the admin setup, which most importantly, let's us switch factions to and from AI control. That way more players can join after game start and can be given to AI if we lose the player and lack a sub. If there's factions left, and a player loses his own, he can continue in the game as another faction.

The Admin setup was what made the TATW hotseat, it was originally just a two-player elve game.

Another thing that I liked alot about my hotseat, was that, unlike most, I had playable battles, battles are like half the game, if not more, in my philosophy playing the full game battles and campaign is more important than making the turns go faster and missing a big part of the game.

There are two questions I have, one, does the forum still have a community to support this hotseat, I want as many players as possible, wether they can fully participate beginning to end, or just play mayhap a decade or two. I prefer lenience and freedom in gaming where others prefer rigid rules and deadlines.

Lastly, the choice of hotseat. Though this depends on feedback, most likely I would see another retrofit, possibly KGCM, A mod that adds kingdoms factions to the Grand Campaign, and it's features, while making some changes, but overall, it's simular to vanilla. I am open to ideas though. I just want to have a really great game going again... ;D

"An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
"The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli
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