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Empire: Total War (Archived-See Empire: Total War Heaven)

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Topic Subject: HG- Forum Tournament (Fo' Real)
posted 22 December 2008 13:28 EDT (US)   
Lol we were shut down by the higher authority but stop the spam and seriosuly talk about the serious stuff now.

Current Roster:

Allied Force #1:

LoH - Britain (As of right now, he is thy ruly one)
Ventory - Russia
Ischenous - Persia
Catabre - Please choose different faction! thanks.

Allied Force #2:

Gallow - Ottoman Empire
Daelon - Scandia country (Ie, Sweden/Danemark)
Jomas - Scandia Country
Angelo - France
Spartan - Poland

Current players up for grabs:

Jupiter - Britain...
Boe - United Prov
Ischenous - Britain
Trottski - Britain
Spartan... The wookie faction? (Ewoks included?)
CaesarVincens - Spain (Still deciding)
Wool - Prussia
General - 13 colonies
+More, let me know if I forgot

Currently we have 5+ players fighting for Britain, I think that 1v1 tourny will be interesting if we do follow through.

When trading players, if you wish to enlist a player onto your alliance, it must be agreed upon all active players in this thread. Effective next player trade.

Here discuss sides and tactics, trade players, talk smack, and more.
posted 22 December 2008 13:30 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
You saw Gaius' post. It's months before the game is even out, this topic can be discussed again when the game is about to be released. There's nothing to be discussed here now.

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