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The purpose of this thread is to allow people to potentially fix their own problems, as well as tell others how to post about their problem so that the forumers here can help.

Minimum System Requirements:

1GHz or equivalent processor
Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
256 MB RAM
2900 MB (Or 2.9 GB) of free hard drive space (Plus 500MB for Windows swap file
DirectX hardware Accelerator Card Required - DirectX Compatibility 64 MB video card and latest drivers.

Possible Quick Fixes:

Update the Drivers on your video card. This could solve several graphic problems.

Roll back to Windows Media Player 9. This also can help with visual problems you might be having.

Roll forward to Windows Media Player 10. Although it seems to contradict the prior fix, people have been known to solve their problem by changing or updating Windows Media.

Reinstall the game. Often a file is corrupted, giving the undesired result. A re-installation of the game from its CD/DVD can often resolve this.

Ensure your game is fully patched.

Although these fixes are probably not going to solve more than 10% of the problems, it's a good idea to see if they might help.

How To Post A Thread Asking For Help:

First, make a good title for it, including the game name. Here are some examples.

Good Titles:
Problem with Battle Map Graphics- ETW
Error when Loading Game - M2
CAn't Unlock Factions- RTW

Bad Titles:
OMG HEllp!!1!111
Help quick!

Next, describe your problem in detail during your thread. Make sure that you use good grammar, and spelling is very important. People aren't going to want to read something that you didn't take the time to write properly.

Also, ALWAYS POST YOUR SYSTEM SPECS! We can't address a problem without knowing your specs. To get them, go to Run and type Dxdiag. It should display your details. We need to know your:

Windows edition
RAM amount
Free hard drive space
Windows swap file details
Directx edition
Video Card

How to fix software problems (RTW):

Note: Be very careful when performing this fix. It requires you to deal with delicate system tools.

First, uninstall Rome: Total War either through the add/remove programs utility or with the game's uninstall program. If you are unable to uninstall the game or had an error while uninstalling, skip this step or use the alternate method (listed below).

Next, you'll need to completely delete the directory for Rome: Total War. This can probably (it will be unless you have chosen your own directory) be found in: Main Hard Drive -> Program Files -> Activision. Delete the folder for Rome: Total War.

Finally, you'll need to delete the registry entry for it. Go to the Start Menu and open "Run". Type in "regedit" and click OK.

If you installed the game for all users:
-Go to HKEY_Local_Machine, open it.
-Go to SOFTWARE and open it.
-Scroll down the (probably) long list to The Creative Assembly and Total War. Delete both of them.

If you installed the game for one user: (You should be logged on to that user's account)
-Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, open it.
-Go to SOFTWARE and open it.
-Scroll down the (probably) long list to The Creative Assembly and Total War. Delete both of them.

After these steps, reinstall Rome: Total War. This should rectify most software problems, as it deletes your computer's memory of having ever installed the game.

This solution should help with:

  • Inability to uninstall/reinstall
  • Uninstalling a patch
  • Problems installing a patch
  • Game crashing (Sometimes)

    The Gold Versions come with a re-install option. If your CD/DVD has this, use that option first. If that fails, try the above, manual method.

    Alternate uninstallation fix:

    If you had an error while uninstalling the game and can no longer re-install or uninstall it, try using this method. Go to My Computer, and find the drive the R:TW disc is in. Right-click it, and select "Explore". Find the icon named "Setup" and double-click it. This should execute the install/uninstall procedure.

    Next, be patient. Someone will eventually get to you to address your problem.

    Additional Links
    Activision Support
    Total War Support Page

    Thanks for taking time to read this, and hopefully we can solve your problem!

    Also, a bit thanks to Doitzel for assisting with a large portion of this thread, and helping to keep it up-to-date!

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