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Amazon: Total War

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Topic Subject: Amazon Totl War 6.0B Release
posted 21 November 2011 00:05 EDT (US)   

Once again, this mod contains female nudity in the depiction of ancient conflicts, so if there is any reason the law of your locality prohibits you from viewing such content (for example, if you are under the age of 18 in most areas), please do not access the download.

By either downloading or installing this mod's zip file, the user who performed the download/installation acknowledges that he (or she) is legal to view such content and he or she is solely responsible for the use as well as the consequences of the use of this mod.

You can download 6.0b release at the link below:

The new mod size is now 816MB, so I have to use .7z file format instead of .zip file format. The compressed download file is 230MB. If you need the .7z utility, you can get it from 7-zip in public domain.

Thanks to the help of Andrey and Granto, I am finally able to add some features we have planned but was not able to do so.

- with Granto's help, looks like we finally have working RSII battlefield map without changing the vanilla RTW/BI folder. It also bump the file size by about 250MB.

- Andrey have fixed many problematic .cas files, of which we have always want to add to the mod.

New Features for 6.0b are

- RSII Battlefield map, assuming it would pass the test, and combined with many 512x512 skins, the mod looks like a MTW2 project instead of RTW/BI project.
- New Armenian Armored Amazon Gladiatus Legion Cohort.
- New Amazon Gladiatus Cohort for Amazon Factions.
- New Amazon Foot Companion, Amazon Round Shield Cavalry skins.
- New Amazon Chariot cards, skin, according to the BUM principle.
- New Amazon General Units skin.
- New unit defense parameter for Foot Companion, Round Shield Cavalry.
- new Amazonia game start configuration.
- new Amazonia quest configuration
- Armenia Quests and Armenian Amazon units.
- new weapon type called the "pole-sling" has been added.
- Armenian can now recruit Amazon Trireme.
- Quests for Thyssagetae adjusted.
- Grenadier Cavalry can now be recruited by Thyssagetae and Armenia.
- Improved animation .cas files by Andrey, now have
better combat and hiding appearance.

This is in addition to the 6.0a changes...

- New Thyssagetae force and units for the campaign.
- New Amazon General Units for Thyssa Amazon and Amazonia.
- New Thyssa Amazon Quests.
- New Balanced Load screens.
- New Amazon Ballista Cavalry and infantry units.
- New Amazon Ballista Elephant Animation by Andrey.
- New Amazon Round Shield Cavalry.
- New Amazon Standard Bearer.
- Newly expanded Amazon agents and general picture repository.
- Revised Roman and Greek ballista and scorpion units.
- New Amazon Border Horse Archer skins
- New Amazon Heavy Peltast
- New Amazon Halberd Units cas file by Andrey with modified skin by me to make them looked like speared labrys.

To make room, I am sorry to announce that the following units have been disabled.
- Geothe Priestess Chariot
- Iberian Chosen Slinger
- Skythian Noble Women which now uses the same .cas file as Sarmatian Noble Women
posted 21 November 2011 05:38 EDT (US)     1 / 4  
First time I tried this mod. My first impression: Models look nicely made, but in my opinion balance in gone.

I tried some of the amazon horse archers and they kill enemies like 100 scorpions would. Giving all archers effective vs armor bonus and such high attack stats destroys the chance of a nice infantry/cavalry battle of vanilla. Seriously, what can destroy these horse archers? Chasing them with cavalry will see your cavalry massacred before even coming near. And due to their long range, I doubt that foot archers make much of a chance either.

And the carro-ballista are even stronger. They are a unit of something like 35 rapid firing ballistas with very long range and mobility.

Maybe I'm just playing it wrong, but this is my first impression.
posted 21 November 2011 07:48 EDT (US)     2 / 4  
You are playing the one Amazon faction which has the advanced units at the start of the game. The faction is the least aggresive faction, unless the player is playing that faction and choose to make it aggresive.

It gives an idea of how the advance weapon works. Ballistically, these weapons work as in real life. Please feel free to make your own analysis reading the weapon section of the posts.

The rest of the Amazon facitons are not so lucky, they can only obtain these advanced units if they can 'Summon' the other Amazon factions to their cause.

So the game is not just duking it out with your neighbors, as in the vanila RTW, it is also a race to call a Summon before the advanced Amazon faction becomes dominant.

The 'Balance' is only gone if you are playing a poor male dominant faction with no 'Summon' capability, such as the Greeks.
posted 09 December 2011 12:20 EDT (US)     3 / 4  
Wow, its getting better and better. The battlemaps looks like Medieval TW2 wich is great. I like the new units they look awesome. How does the Quest work? I am playing with no movie is that the problem or did I miss something at the start of a new game (playing with the "red" amazones). I too find some amazone units to powerfull. With a general unit i can destroy a whole army and the ballistic units and finnic archers (they look so good) are to powerfull in my opinion. Some units have too many spears in comparison with the same male units. Gameplay is terrific i didn't have any crash after at least 200 battles. Great job so far and thank you for this great mod.
posted 10 December 2011 07:22 EDT (US)     4 / 4  
Thank you for your encouragement and your support!

The Red Amazon is Amazonia, and has four quests. There is no video, and the messaging system is not working well. Which is one problem I have not been able to fix yet. Had the message been working properly, it will provide hint to the next quest.

The units you spoke of, are mostly high end units, such as the Ballista Infantry and Ballista Cavalry, as well as the Finnic Archers. Before the quest is fulfilled, the Amazon units are actually not that powerful (except the general's bodyguard). Given the central location of Amazonia, it is easily overrun by neighboring factions. The 6.0B's Amazonia General Unit has been deliberately set at large cavalry units setting to provide cover for their "conventionally" armed militia units. On 6.0C, this has been reduced to about 2/3 of its previous setting.

You are absolutely right about their weapons' powerfulness. But I also need to point out that these weapon stats are as realistic as we can make them and they are created after some very exhaustive studies. The RTW/BI engine's weapon stats, IMO, tries to offset the weapon's effectiveness and most routing is achieved by attacking enemy front and back or from the flank.

Another way to look at it, this mod is about the eventual consolidation of the Amazon Realm, and how small bands of Amazon armies achieve that. The real show-down is to defeat the other Amazon Factions, or "Summon" them before they became too powerful to deal with. The rest of the factions, unless your playing Armenian, Sarmation or Carthaginian, are just cannon-fodders.

There are four quests for the Red Amazon Faction, all you need is to conquer four key cities, and each conquest would affect a new "Summon" that call the potential reival Amazon faction to join your Amazon faction, thereby destroy that faction.

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