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Amazon: Total War

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Topic Subject: Amazons: Total War 7.0A Released
posted 03 February 2013 20:09 EDT (US)   
Hi, this is to update everyone that the Amazons: Total War 7.0A mod has been released.

you can access the latest download url's here:

Changes made from beta to the first release are:

- re-balancing the Seleucid and Parthia factions
- make elephant resources available at more locations
- Western Celts is re-configured,
the military strength is reduced in British Isle,
and more wagons added to wandering Celtic armies
in Austria.
- The Celtic/Gaul/German "Prison Stripe Pant"s
have been swapped out for something more leathery
and utilitarian.
- German unit color has been adjusted to be all dark red.
while Amazonia is bright red, and Armenian pinkish red.
- Heavy Peltast units are re-textured and re-animated
to be lighter equipped and faster moving.
- New Agent recruit panel card.
- Corrected one missing general image problem
- Added Legion cohort unit to the Ptolemaic
(Greco-Egyptian) faction
- Corrected Sarmatian first quest bug.
- New Greek Rebel standards
- New Thermodon Amazonia lesser general strat-map animation
- New Sarmatian script, Sarmatian starting configuration,
and cost configuration
- New generalized "Marian Reform" script to allow
a player's faction with higher cultural level to recruit
advanced units in any major locations,
not just the Quest locations.
- New Quad horse team textures for chariots and wagons
are now made into faction specific.
- New cataphract textures.
- New text update

- switched over to FileSwap as main server, derived from naftykid's suggestion to use mediafire.
- Corrected Armenia Horde issue as reported by Balgeron
- Corrected property description in read-me file stating -mod:AmazonsTW- Recalesced -show_err where as it should be -mod:AmazonsTW-Recalesced -show_err
i.e. no space, as reported by Allypup
- corrected City Map problems as reported by naftykid.
- re-arranged load screen to removed redundant pictures to save memory.
- changed recruit time for advanced units to make longer to recruit certain units.
- corrected missing unit card issues for horde wagons.
- new Roman Carriage Ballista animation to use faster horses.
- corrected script issue which was auto-generated but has serious problem with quests for Libyans and Carthage.
- removed "halo" from many named character pictures.
- added real-time re-entrant quest completion check, not just at the beginning of the script.
- added Cataphract Lancer for Seleucid, Armenia, Parthia, and Far Eastern Celt. The lancer carries no sword but has a shield, this simplifies recruitment cost and training.
- corrected one missing unit card problem for Far Eastern Celt.
- Beefed up Rebel/Renegade to make some of the renegade provinces not so easy to take over.
- Revised horse-breeding as a strategic asset, and as such, many units, such as the cataphract, heavy cavalry, and fast horse units
can not be recruited unless the region has horse breeding business, or if the faction has achieved very high cultural development.
- Added horse-breeding resources to more regions, such as Chorasmia, North Africa, Northern Saudi Arabia, and Armenian Plains.
- New Numidian Cavalry animation, now the unit can be recruited by both Roman and Carthaginian.
- Re-configured mercenary unit availability per regions. Now the choices of mercenary is 150% more than before.

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posted 04 February 2013 01:26 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Wow, you certainly have been busy!

Good work so far. Impressive!

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posted 04 February 2013 13:05 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Thanks for the compliment! TG

Well, we now have seven terrific mod team members who share the same goal.

And it is a great honor to be their mod leader!

We are also working on moving the RTW based Amazon Total War to M2TW (with custom landscape and videography).

But we will be taking care of maintenance and updates on ATW-R mods for both types of game engines for as long as possible.

Please feel free to check out 7.0A changes

- Now AI confers title to Amazon Generals when the quest is accomplished, per Uthril's suggestion.
The title will gain the general prestige as well as command ability.
- Barbarian peasant unit is deemed too well attired per B.U.M principles,
it was basically the vanilla barbarian infantry without the shield and the spear.
This has been revised to make them more rugged and lower cost in appearance.
- Using more efficient DDS format to allow less file footprint and memory + speed improvement.
- Revised standard bearer for Celt and Gauls for better battlefield identification.
Since Amazon Total War 7.0 does not use artificial banner for better realism,
standard bearer is extremely important Amazon Total War for battlefield C&C.
- Revised Amazon long shield design.
- Revised Amazon Axes shoulder armor linkage.
- Renamed Roman Auxilia units
- Incorporated Leoni's Cultural Specific User Interface

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