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Mongolphobia Mod

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Topic Subject:Installing the Mod?
Professor Chaos
posted 09 April 2009 15:35 EDT (US)         
hey fellas, so, I'm thinking 'bout installing the mod, but is there a way to install it and keep a vanilla version of the game? I could, obviously, install the mod and some time later, just re-install the game, but I wonder if there's an way around it...
Thanks, cheers.
posted 09 April 2009 16:50 EDT (US)     1 / 3       
What are you talking about? You need to have retrofit and the GUA. I had retrofit in a separate folder. It overwrites retrofit. You should not have to mess with vanilla at all.

Think you're a hotshot against the Mongols? Go to the Mongolphobia mod discussions and download the mod, then, you will surely tremble with fear in the face of the Mongols. If you have suggestions/questions, feel free to make a thread. You can download Mongolphobia here. Good luck.

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HG Alumnus Superbus
posted 09 April 2009 17:05 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
What are you talking about?
A perfectly natural question.

All kingdoms mods install in their own folder (as do the vast majority of all mods out there), so you don't need to worry about overwriting something. In fact, the only thing you'll be overwriting is retrofit, so if you want to keep that, install retrofit, make a copy of the folder and put Mongolphobia into the copy of the folder. What you can then do is make a shortcut to it-

Way 1-Right click on medieval2_retrofit.bat, send it to desktop. You should find a shortcut on your desktop now. Then I believe you can do at the end of the target --features.mod=mods/retrofit2 (or whatever the copy of your retrofit folder is called)

Way 2- Right click on the bat file and open it in notepad. Edit the target in that to the retrofit copy folder.

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Professor Chaos
posted 09 April 2009 17:19 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Thanks Jupitor. That's exactly what I want. Being able to play the mods and, at the same time, keep playing the old saves from regular M2. Cheers.
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