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Topic Subject:Crusades
posted 31 July 2009 14:09 EDT (US)         
So this is my first post here (great job on this mod btw)

How long do crusades last?

I am playing as the Timurids on H/H, I took Jerusalem on turn three or four, the Pope called a crusade on it a few turns after that. Its now turn 31, I managed to block Scottish, and Papal crusading armies near Constantinople (with ships to block the crossing), and destroyed the Hungarian stack near Aleppo around turn 15 (Though there is a Hungarian half stack hanging around with the Papal and Scottish armies, it hasn't moved in 5-10 turns and isn't on a crusade). A Portuguese stack is near Cordoba after being blocked from the Spain > North Africa crossing by a Moorish half stack, and an Aztec stack (Wondering why they didn't attack the Moorish stack, they already took Marrakesh).

So will this crusade "Fail" soon? Or should I destroy those armies?

Allied with the Mongals who have Poland as a vassel, and are at war with Rebels only.

Enemies with Hungary, The Byzantines, Papal States, Scottland, Portugal, Turks and Rebels.

[JPEG, (223.08 KB)]

[JPEG, (212.96 KB)]

I haven't taken Yereven yet because I have a feeling if I did the Mongals would declare war on me. I have 18 regions, a ship is sailing to Rome with a full stack to raid around Italy (Hopefully sacking settlements, destroying everything, gifting to the Mongals to keep things friendly :P)

So besides the crusade question, any ideas for what I should do next?

And when do the scary Mongal reinforcements come? And where?

P.S. Managed to buy Trebizond off the Mongals.
vampiric canniba
posted 31 July 2009 16:47 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Crusades end either when they capture their target or all their soldiers die.

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