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Mongolphobia Mod

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Topic Subject:What this mod needs to be an ultimate one
Saint Warrior
posted 06 March 2010 15:45 EDT (US)         
Hello/Bayaralla to all the fans of mongol warriors who came by the the will of Heaven and went back to always blue Heaven in shining glory of their unmatched victories,

First of all, I as a huge fan of Chingiz Khan would like to thank EL Bandito for providing us the possibility to virtually implement Great Conqueror's Dream - wash the hoof of his combat stallion Naiman in the waves of Last Sea. Thank you for this great mod.

I would like to suggest some finishing touches on details that could make this mod an ultimate one:

1. Mongol faction flag should be the correct one. The flag of Chingiz Khan was a white cloth with nine (holy number to mongols) edging tails. The picture on this flag was a golden flying Steppe Hawk - God of War Sulde, who according to mongol beliefs was bringing them their ultimate victories.

2. Phrase "Mongolian Army" should be replaced with "Mongolian Tumen" - original unit of 10000 horsemen, so in game there must be at least 1000 warriors in every such unit.

3. Mongolian Infantry should be reduced to the amounts necessary to operate siege machines and replaced with Archers, Heavy Archers and Keshikten (Sword Bodyguard Heavy Horsemen). Mongolian tactics was always the so called "Bird of Battle" - powerful mobile horse archers flanks with great striking power and ability to surround enemy and fast moving "Magnai" - the avant-garde recon squad which practicised sudden retreats in order to trap the enemy between deadly striking flanks. So, please include more recruitable horse archer units in future versions of Mongolophobia if that is possible of course. I never heard of Mongols using infantry in field battles, they dismounted their horses only to in case they needed to climb the walls of besieged cities.

4. Revision of in-game texts. Naming mongol a Sultan sounds very odd to my mind. There should be words Khan, Bagatur (as Tumen commanders where), Great Kagan for Chingiz Khan and Ugedei after August 1227.

5. Revision of unit icons. They should be more mongol-like, first of all, helmets should be with a very sharp top (a typical mongol helmet).

Again, thanks EL Bandito very much for making great job on recreating the most effective warfare World ever seen and looking forward to the new releases of Mongolphobia.


Saint Warrior

Defeat yourself. Defeat your rivals. Life's always on the edge.

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HG Alumnus Superbus
posted 20 October 2010 10:16 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
You know what? Christmas, I'll do a little submod that does these things. Don't let me forget

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
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