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Topic Subject:How to create a reliable cavalry in support of your infantry
posted 25 January 2013 21:38 EDT (US)         
RCavalry is largely looked over as large cumbersome horse units used as distracting factors for hoplites and such in Rome: Total War, but in fact they can win battles again and again against forces much stronger than them if you just know how to use them right. The thing to remember when creating a good, reliable cavalry unit in support of infantry, or just on its own, is speed. Think of cavalry as an elite shock unit trained to get where it's wanted by the commander in the least expected spot by the enemy. If your cavalry gets bogged down by spearmen or other horses, say good bye to them, you'll see them in the next life. Heavy cavalry is a favorite of mine because it effectively gets heavy troops where you want them, when you want it. Light cavalry, on the other hand is extremely effective against unsuspecting light infantry, archers, and pesky artillery drawing a toll on your forces. The best strategy I've found against enemy infantry is to send a unit of cavalry into the infantry group and hit them as hard as you can and then disengage immediately. Then send another. Repeat until the enemy withers away like a dry flower. But never send your horses directly at hoplites or similar units. The best strategy at that point is to send something you consider expendable, like a group of peasants, straight on the spears and then move the cavalry around the back while their spears are occupied on the bodies of the mob. Again, never get your cavalry bogged down. It takes their most effective pro, the horses, and makes them worth little more than your infantry. The moment they're bogged down, it's a morale death-blow in the waiting. Don't do it!

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