posted 16 January 2012 14:36 EDT (US)   
Let's pump some life back into this thing - for what it's worth.


To reduce the amount of tedious work that must be done, I propose creating a single British unit roster for all the factions, with minor variations across the whole.

- Spear Levy. basic spearmen, spear + shield.
- Axe Levy. basic axemen, axe + sq shield.
- Spear Warband. tougher spearmen, spear + hide-shaped shield.
- Sword Warband. light swordsmen, javelins + sword + hide-shaped shield.
- Dismounted Nobles. armoured swordsmen, lance + sword + hide-shaped shield + chain mail (NO HELMET).

The general's unit will be Dismounted Nobles with 2hps.

- British Light Cavalry. javelins + spear + shield.
- British Heavy Cavalry. two or three heavy javelins + sword + shield.
- British War Chariots. javelins - no melee ability or hps but good charge.

- Shepherd Boys. sling + knife.
- Slinger Warband. sling + knife + shield.

Each faction should also have either one or two unique units. I have a few ideas.

Durotriges: Chosen Slingers (sling + spear, very nasty )
Catuvellauni: Wardogs (tough swordsmen with dogs)
Caledonii: Highland Heroes (big swords, sq shields, naked, loads of badass paint and red hair)
Longarm Warband, Wirocunes... etc.

British factions, tick. Some of the factions will need slightly different models of course but nothing major.


Their units should be on the whole far better than the British ones but far more difficult to train.

- Town Watch. men with swords and small shields.
- Local Militia. men with spears and shields but no proper kit.
- Auxiliary Cohort. javelins + sword + shield + helmet + armour, well desciplined.
- Legionary Cohort. javelins + sword + shield + helmet + armour, well disciplined. (only marginally better than auxilia and much more expensive and harder to train.)

- Roman Cavalry. light cavalry, spear + shield + light armour.
- Ala Cavalry. heavy cavalry, spear + sword + shield + good armour.

- Levy Slingers. lads with slings + knives.
- Auxiliary Slingers. slings + knives + light armour.
- Syrian Archers. (super expensive and super hard to train)
- Balearic Slingers. (super expensive and super hard to train)

- Ballistae
- Catapults

No need to make things complicated. Done.

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