posted 30 August 2013 11:14 EDT (US)   
CA has released a wonderfully helpful guide to help teach players the basics of how to play Rome II. The guide itself can be accessed any players anytime on the Total War Wiki as well as the Rome II Encyclopedia. It also includes several short tutorial videos showing how to move units on the campaign map, construct buildings in settlements, using agents and using the special abilities of your units and generals to achieve victory on the battlefield!
There’s now a 'How to Play' beginners guide on our Wiki. This guide will show completely new and existing players how to navigate the campaign map, command your army and how to advance your province financially and technologically. So if you've been itching to get your friends involved and they're new to the series, share this page and get playing!

Also, we will be providing 24 hour community and technical support for the first two weeks from launch. So if you have any gameplay or technical questions please visit our forums for the fastest possible response to your query from the dev team.

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