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Topic Subject: Current Campaign?
posted 03 March 2015 16:52 EDT (US)   
I am thougherly enjoying a Saxon campaign at the moment. So far i have extended my control over what is modern day Germany, and am about to start the invasion of Gual now that i am economically sound- with about 7k income per turn, but i will be recruiting a new army so that will go down to about 5k or so.

Faction politics are causing me headaches. My starting High King was killed 10 turns in, leaving me with his young son as a ruler, and he has terrible luck with the ladies so i have had to use up my influence to adopt heirs and bring them into the family, which causes disloyalty since their influence is higher then his most of the time so it has been a real struggle, but i am enjoying the campaign nonetheless.

How is yours going?

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posted 03 March 2015 19:36 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Originally started a Sassanid campaign, but I've been so engrossed with the Ostrogoths that I've been playing them exclusively almost since launch. I started a test campaign with them after I installed Radious' Attila mod and have been pretty much addicted to them and the uniqueness of their faction and the area I chose to settle in. I currently control all of Italy, Venetia, Magna Graecia, Dalmatia, Tripolitana, and Thracia. I also control most (2 regions out of 3) of Macedonia, Dardania and Liguria. I'm bringing in roughly 22,000 per turn, while supporting 7 full stack armies and 2 full fleets, but I'm probably going to raise more armies very soon.

The Sassanids, who are the number one faction in the campaign, declared war on me the turn after I made contact with them and all their vassals followed suit. Currently using the Aegean Sea as a buffer while my armies raid into Anatolia and sack their vassals' cities and my fleets engage theirs. The only good side to their DoW is that it made the Eastern Roman Empire accept peace terms from me and now we're allies against them in all but name. Half of my allies also stayed true to me and are now sending their own armies to attack the Sassanids, while the ones that didn't are still maintaining positive relations and non-aggression pacts with me.

I've taken quite a few pictures of some of my more notable battles and uploaded them to the Total War Facebook in case anyone is interested in seeing them

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