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Game Modification & Editor Discussion

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Topic Subject: Want a forum for your mod?
posted 06 September 2008 07:54 EDT (US)   
So you want a forum for your mod? You've come to the right place.

We want to promote activity amongst modders and with the upsurge in activity in the general modding forum, it's time to move to the next stage, sub-forums for individual mods.

Here's how to go about it if you're starting from stratch.
1. Open a thread in the general modding forum to promote your mod idea and recruit a team.
2. Do some work. We're not going to hand out dedicated forums to mods that have nothing to show.
3. Email the mods to request a dedicated forum.

If you have an existing mod and already have content released, just email us and we'll discuss it.

What you need to tell us:
Mod name
eg. Amazon Total War.

Mod Team personnel
Who is in it and what positions do they have?
Positions that might need filling if you thinking of doing a big mod:
Mappers, Coders, Scripters, Modellers, Skinners, Artists, Researchers & Others
What positions are filled/vacant?

Mod forum description
Keep this reasonably brief please as it will be the description used on the forum.

Mod Logo
It's possible to customise the logo on the sub-forum if you wish. The logo should be 300 pixels wide and between 100 and 150 pixels high and be in one of the following formats:




If you want to make an animated .gif, then that's fine too (just don't make it too elaborate please).

Stage of completion:
Concept / Work in Progress / Complete
(Work in Progress indicates you can run it, but many things are not there yet)

Is it the original campaign map, amended or totally new?
Any changes to battle maps?

What factions?
How many factions have you got?
Are they existing or new? How many of each?
Are any of them emergent?
Are they all playable?

Any new units?
Do they have new skins, etc or is it just stat changes?

Has any work been done on traits?

Beneath the bonnet
Has any work been done on scripting or modifiying the AI?

The final decision rests with the TWH staff. We reserve the right to accept or reject an application after consideration. Please note that ideally these sub-forums are for development first and foremost over advertising.

If the mod has been developed elsewhere, it must have downloadable content before it may be considered.

If the forum has no complete released material and is inactive for a month, TWH staff reserve the right to request an activity update and if the answer is not satisfactory, the forum may be archived. It may be unarchived upon application, provided you demonstrate that progress in again underway to a satisfactory degree.

Stage of completion text edited to clarify - HK
Updated disclaimer - Andalus
Updated to clarify - Edorix

-Love Gaius
TWH Seraph, TWH Grand Zinquisitor & Crazy Gaius the Banstick Kid

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Updated 13/01/09.

Edited disclaimer.
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