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So. You're here in the modding forum. That probably means that you were trying to edit the game and something didn't work quite right. Fear not, for we are here to help you with whatever you need help with. But before you post, please be aware of these guidelines and common questions.

1. This forum covers two games: Rome - Total War, and its sequel, Medieval II. While modding for these two games is very similar (and is identical in some cases), it can be confusing to readers if you don't specify which game you are asking for help with. Please put either [RTW] or [M2TW] at the beginning of your thread topic. If you are asking a general question, such as tips using the 3DSMax modeling software, then put [General]. This will make life easier for the people answering your questions and will probably result in a more speedy answer.

2. We have an excellent set of modding tutorials for both games. Although our Medieval II section is a bit bare, many of the concepts in the RTW section apply to Medieval II as well. You can find our Rome tutorials here and our Medieval II Tutorials here. Please try and find your answer here before posting.

3. Did you start over? Usually modding errors are caused by a simple typo. If you are having problems, try restoring the file from the backup that you made (you did make a backup before editing the file, right?) and try the edits again. If it still doesn't work and you can't find an answer in the tutorials, then you can try posting here.

4. Medieval II users only: Be entirely sure that you have read and understood this tutorial, particularly the bit about adding lines to your medieval2.preference.cfg - if you are making edits to your files and the game remains the same, then this is almost certainly the cause.

5. Please do not request people to make a mod for you. The general rule with modding is that for every modder out there, there are 4 or 5 people with bright ideas and no idea how to mod - there just aren't enough modders to make all of these ideas happen. If you want to see a mod made, then we'd be happy give you advice and answer questions about it, but we generally won't make it for you. We work by the philosophy: "Give a man a fish and it'll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and it'll feed him all his life."

If you have followed all of these guidelines and still aren't finding an answer, then by all means don't be afraid to ask your question here! Everyone here is here because they enjoy modding and want to help other people see their ideas realized. We'll do our best to help you if you are having a tough problem.

Above all, no matter what, have fun and don't ever give up. I've had times where I have spent weeks on end hunting after problems. If it takes longer to find the answer, then that just means that it will be even more rewarding when you do find it. Trust me, making a mod is a long and winding road, but when you reach the end, you'll be very glad you stuck with it.

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