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Topic Subject:I smell funny
posted 22 February 2018 11:09 EDT (US)         
I smell funny. I am sure I smell funny. I used some sort of medical serum related to Testosterone, which can be considered a important hormone inside the body building process. nevermind the fact that it killed all the lab rats and two of the assistants- they had injected the shit. A lot more testosterone the body delivers, the greater muscle mass you can with the capacity of develop, but the bigger the chance of dying by injection and the bigger the loss of erectile tissue in your nether regions.

I bathed in the stuff. Osmosis through the skin adn genitals. The body responds because of this stress by signaling for your body that you'll require new muscle to take care of any risk of strain as well as providing hgh, Testosterone Booster as well as an amazing stiffy. Not using mixture exercises will go into the final of muscle gain also know Side Effects of this when your mate is not around, like Frantic Masturbation and emergency calls to the local professional sexworkers for immediate relief.

Or you can just shower. Whatever works.

Website :-

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