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Topic Subject:Tips for indie developers
posted 06 June 2018 12:09 EDT (US)         
Many of the game developers who use WiMi5 are considered Indie developers. This classification encompasses many types of people, although we could nevertheless obtain a series of common characteristics as a pattern. The first would be that many work individually or in small groups. Another that mostly, lack budget of game app development, and still less likely a budget for Marketing. And perhaps the one that best defines them is that in many cases they try to create games that are creative, relatively new or provide a differential value.

In any case, whatever your profile of Indie developer, we offer you a series of tips to be able to continue creating videogames without failing in the attempt. These tips are based on the experience of the WiMi5 team (a few years accumulated in the videogame sector) and other great ideas that we have seen in places like Gamasutra or Black Shell Media.
As part of the game development process, enter forums, interact with other developers, share the game in player communities, etc. Everything you do that you can know what it is that the people of your game like and what they do not like and you have to change. You have to start with a viable minimum product and iterate based on new ideas from you and from other people. Do not launch a game without first having tried different types of players.
Its one thing to be an Indie and another to be an amateur, as Carlos Coronado said in the last F & S game festival. Searching for excellence is a vital attitude that must be transferred to what we do in our daily work. Performing continuous improvement cycles on our product helps to polish the game we want to show the world. As Karate Kid used to say: “give wax, polish wax ".

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Terikel Grayhair
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Daniel-san was told, "Wax on, wax off" by Mister Miyagi.

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