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Topic Subject: Friendly Infantry Thrown Around By Cavalry
posted 07 September 2019 03:18 EDT (US)   
Hi, I was wondering where/how I could make it so that cavalry units can't pass through friendly infantry formations by severely disrupting them. I really hate the fact it's so easy to manoeuvre the cavalry THROUGH your own army =) It must have something to do with the way chariots are programmed, I just want it to be the same for cavalry.

In the Arthurian Total War mod this is standard for all cavalry, but I can't figure out what to edit in export_descr_unit to make this for my version.

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posted 09 September 2019 12:52 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
In real life I think there were commands that formed the infantry into blocks which allowed cavalry to pass through. I know the Romans did something similar against enemy elephants in one battle. But mostly friendly cavalry was on the flanks and did not have to pass through friendly units to strike a foe.

Alexander the Great, of course, was famous for using his cavalry hammer whereever and whenever- in some battles he struck the Persians from between phalanxes.

How you can program against that, though- I have no idea.

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