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Topic Subject:Early-game Gaul vs Britons
High King of Britain
posted 02 August 2020 05:30 EDT (US)         
So I've been playing as Gaul again a bit recently and I realised a real problem I can't believe I never developed a solution for, like, ten years ago or more...

In the main campaign as the Gauls, what on earth do you do about the Brits' light chariots? Your skirmishers' javelins can't get near them (making that "bonus against chariots" pretty useless), and your light cavalry (the only thing that can catch up with them) get shredded in no time...

My only real approaches so far are:

a) on the campaign map: avoid meeting them in open battle as much as possible (e.g. hiding warhosts in woods, capturing their settlements as early as possible, tolerating sieges as necessary)
b) on the battle map: send a spear warband after them to keep them out of the infantry battle, until you can dedicate several units to try and corner them against the red lines - and just accept the casualties...

Would really appreciate any better ideas!

Their warlords' heavy chariot bodyguards are also pretty nasty, but dealing with them is straightforward enough - deep enough spear formations to bring them to a standstill, javelin volleys where possible, and hope your infantry's morale holds long enough for those hitpoints to tick down. Other ideas appreciated though!

Also is this really the first post here since 2016 o.O

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Terikel Grayhair
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posted 02 August 2020 06:05 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I've never played as the Gauls, but if they have spearbands like the Germans (which I have played) then the use of spies is a good way to go.

The spy identifies units in an army or city. If the Gallic spy sees no chariots, destroy at will.

If he does, get a lot of spearbands. Deploy in two armies. Your primary target is not to defeat the enemy army. Your primary objective is to destroy those chariots. Finish them off then defeat the rest of their army with your second army.

Costly, but potentially potent.

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