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Topic Subject: Checking The Difficulty Of A RTW Save Game ?
posted 04 March 2021 06:22 EDT (US)   
I'm playing the Roma Surrectum III mod for Rome Total War 1, and I want to check the difficulty on a campaign I've been playing for two weeks.

I intended it to be Hard/Hard although I had to reset a few times so I may have clicked through the menu and used the defaulty Medium/Medium instead by mistake.

I tried using this save game editor

to check the difficulty of my RSIII RTW save but it showed the faction as "gauls" and the campaign as "????" which I assume is because of the way the mod is set up.

Is there any way to view the raw decoded .sav file and search it for key words to determine the difficulty of the save file ?

Here is the save file:

Thanks in advance for any help.
posted 04 March 2021 10:23 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I am unfamiliar with that utility, but from the reviews I read, it was shaky on changing/modifying vanilla RTW saves. I seriously doubt it would work on a mod, especially one as grandly huge as Roma Surrectum.


Also, please post only in one thread. Three times the same message is not necessary. Thanks.

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