posted 13 July 2022 19:57 EDT (US)   
Once I've established a base army formed around more heavy infantry, I create a second, lighter army.
Typically based around 2-3 Pikemen as a base, their typical support units are a mostly Theureos Spears as they throw javelins before engaging. I fill out the edges with Slingers, qnd both melee and skirmishes cavalry. And as this is typically my primary engagement army, I usually add about 3 heavy ballistaes and use Pikemen and maybe 1 or 2 groups of Hoplites to defend them while my Thueroes Spears and other skirmishes to lead them to the pikemen while another, smaller group of Spears, horsemen, qnd skirmishers to harass the flanks and split their army where strategically viable.