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Topic Subject: Papal States Watch
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posted 25 December 2009 16:06 EDT (US)   
I saw someone on TotalRome do this and I decided I might as well too, since its not really an AAR, but at the same time giving you the feel it is. a Watch is where I will select a small unimportant faction and go hide on an island and watch all the computers fight to see who wins,problem is its kindof hard to do that in m2tw since theres a lot of important factions, so I chose the most important, the Papal States (hopefully the game doesn't glitch). Because no catholic Faction will attack the Papal States. In the watch i will not interfere or do anything, simply watch and see what happens. (hopefully the HRE doesnt go and pwn everyone).

If this gets popular enough (more than 3 people xD) I'll add a rooting list where people can post who they are rooting for. (no gambling! just rooting).
Good luck to all factions. the English,the Scottish, the French, the Danish, the Germans, the Milanese, the Sicillians, the Byzantines, the Turks, the Egyptians, the Moors, the Spanish, the Portugeuse(Thanks Edorix for telling me correct spelling), the Russians, the Hungarians, the Polish, the Venetians, the Mongols (when they arrive), the Timurids (when they arrive), and the Aztecs (when they get poisened by small pox and start worshipping spanish explorers). I hope you all enjoy.

I aplogzie bceuase you wlil fnid mnay tpyos in tihs AAR, hpolufely you wlil be albe to udnretsnad. =)

Everything below is rooting for the factions.
England:Edorix, YoungsterJoey,
Holy Roman Empire:JohnWoo ,
Milan:Cerdic the Saxon,
Byzantine Empire:SwampRat,
The Turks:demigodseer,GundamMerc
Moors:a lonely hermit,
Poland: Punic Hoplite ,
Mongol Horde:
Timurid Horde:

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 30 December 2009 15:51 EDT (US)     26 / 42  
Well i did to turn 26 or so and didn't have that many pictures, so im going to continue on to 30 ( considering the first 3 "real" wars have begun). Also, The moors are there, they just havent been conqeuring much. but dont worry.I'm sure their will be plenty to say about them soon =).

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 30 December 2009 17:14 EDT (US)     27 / 42  
sorry guys no more dramatic wordings, and I will haveto be punctual. Anyways, just as an overveiw, the first few wars have started, after looking carefully, I have basically concluded the main war into two teams, which , to avoid spoiling, I will mention during the screenies.

HRE Takes Overall, Byzantines take military.

Running short on money, had no choice if I wanted to continue upgrading my place. Then again this is the only cheat I know, and I learned it from a forum post, not the cheats section. I avoid cheats mostly because once you know them your tempted to use them... like in this situation.

Byzantines are apprently happy with the idea of a ceasefire.

HRE wants trade rights still, I decline as I am required.

Egypt slaughters everyone on the Balance of Power charts.

The Byzantines army which was originally suppose to attack me is now roaming around in venetian lands.

The Turks first show of power as they take production.

Turks capture Edessa.

France is apparently dissapointed about Denmark beating them to the "Bruges" settlement.

HRE is spying on me.

Suprise suprise, Denmark takes Military top.

Poland captures Bucharest.

HRE brings itself to match everyone else on the papal standings. 5 Factions have 5 papal favor , and 7 have 6 papal favor. I apparently have less than 3? (Cannot declare a crusade)

Egypt captures Dongola.

Byzantines take back military top, Egypt takes back Production top.

Sicily captures Ajjacio

Poland and France are now allies.

Scotlands last actual hope of power dies.

He gets more and more honorable by doing absoloutely nothing, I need to try this tactic in my hotseat.

HRE takes military top.

Sicily trys to spy on Rome.

Denmark takes back military top.

My first "special" building.

I have built the worlds first cathedral.

The Wars have begun, Denmark vs France, Sicily vs Moors, Venice vs Sicily.

I decided to investigate and see where these wars started, here is where Denmark attacked Frances "Rheims"

Sicily attacks Algiers, but on the next turn moves up on square and cancels the seige. (Such an easy capture too)

Venice seiges Cagliari.

This picture shows nothing of importance but a squiggly green line. why do they make it squiggly?The ship is still moving straight....

Denmark seiges Oslo.

Denmark cancels the seige on Rheims and moves westward into the tree's (where they also end up setting up an ambush)

England and Denmark are now allies.

Byzantines take back overall for the first time in 10 turns.

Here is what i was talking about, sicily cancelling a seige on a easy target, but the war is still going on.

My first Inquisitor

Poland joins the war with Denmark, Sicily and Venice declare a truce.

Egypt takes back overall.

Here is how Poland declared war, by blockading Stettin.

Well, I guess the bottom is my space for comments. So I will start with mentioning the war between the team of HRE,Poland,and France and the team of Denmark and England.Currently HRE Is not included in the war, and neither is England, but due to relations I suspect they will join, even though Denmark may have somehow managed to get the biggest military I don't expect them to win without me stopping them. I'm not sure as the papal states if im able to stop wars between catholics, but I would rather not stop them so maybe I should excommunicate them all? But then they would have a disadvantage with the dropped morale. So I will leave them be. Good Luck Denmark and England. The next war was originally Venice and Moors Vs Sicily, but Venice backed out so currently it's a one vs one war, Sicily spared the moors castle (which I do not understand) even though it would have been a sure victory. Kind of impressive how factions act with no human intervention?

Now that the Formailtys are over I shall appease myself by listening to your comments. Also, make sure to mention if you prefer this formal, typo-free way, or my typo filled smiley faced informal wording. I prefer formal, looks nice. Then again you wouldn't know my feelings without me thoroughly explaining with massive words with expendable meanings which may confuse foreign readers.Maybe a mix?

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 30 December 2009 20:11 EDT (US)     28 / 42  
I like both ways but I think formal will be best.

Terikel Grayhair thanks for the warm welcome

Btw, I'm going to be rooting for England i forgot to say in my last post.

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posted 31 December 2009 08:46 EDT (US)     29 / 42  
Hello everyone and (maybe a bit late) welcome all new guys.
It's always pleasant to see new faces show up! (Ok in this case some new signatures)

Demigodseer, I'm still reading with great interest and I think that the formal way looks nice but if you REALLY must add some dramatic words and some thoughts about the future, then do it! I prefer a mix.

Have a nice day averyone and go Milan!!

And about the location. I actually don't know my location but, I'm an "infantryman" so I guess I'm in the ranks right now.
posted 31 December 2009 18:58 EDT (US)     30 / 42  
sorry guys but New Years and New years eve is busy for me. I managed to get the screenies done but I don't think I will have time to post them and the wordings (won't be home most of the time). I will try to put it up first thing January 2nd 2010, or earlier if possible.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 01 January 2010 05:14 EDT (US)     31 / 42  
I like the concept of the thread - I'll root for the Byzantines as I've never seen them do anything of any use. They're not attacking you any more so it's hopefully not too rude to support them.
Once they all die I'll root for Denmark - huzzah for big axes
posted 01 January 2010 05:52 EDT (US)     32 / 42  

Great job Demigodseer...

I am going for Denmark..


Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it- George Santayana
History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are- David C. McCullough
Wars not make one great- Yoda
posted 02 January 2010 14:37 EDT (US)     33 / 42  
Ok, good to see someone rooting for denmark. and Swamprat, don't worry, I don't mind you rooting for byzantines (It's obvious their dieing anyways =P).

Ok, managed to continue on the war, Just a hint, its more like a 4 vs 4 now.

France succesfully captures Bern.

Milan declares war on Sicily and lays seige to Ajjacio

England has joined Denmark against France.

England layed seige to Angers

Denmark seiges Rheims

Sicily seiges Algiers

Egypt takes overall, Denmark at military. The stats are now normally in this position.

Sicily and Milan agree to peace and Milan stops the seige on Ajaccio

Milan attacks France.

Milan chases down the fleeing French and attack them again.

Egypt captures Aleppo.

The Majority of Denmarks army has left the seige?Also note in this picture Denmarks army in the bottom-right. Has a General/Family member.

Poland seiges Stettin.

Ummmm, I guess this was a mistake, don't remember whats important in it.

England has captured the first non-rebel settlement in this game. congratulations.(England captures Angers)

Edinburgh managed to get more units, however, storms still raise above their city.

Diplomatic information, HRE allies to Sicily, thus adding to the chain of France allied to Poland, Poland allied to HRE, HRE allied to Sicily, hopefully the chain will connect into a hoop.

The Cardinal and Papal Stats. Spains and Portugals Cardinals are both in the running for the Pope, both Cardinals are currently at Cordoba, trying to make mroe catholics in the area.Theirs two Warmongers in the running so hopefully we wil get some taste of Holy wars soon.

Denmark Army no longer has a general/family member leading it. That means that Denmark just lost a family member/general.

Poland fails on capturing Stettin and retreats to his ship.

Denmark has been excommunicated. O_o

The Danes arrive in their most expected arrival on the British Isles.

My inquisitor is doing his job very well.

Denmark seiges and captures York. Since already allied to the English, and Excommunicated, I expect that scotland has found its final executioner.

Another family member comes and takes ahold of both armys and attacks Rheims, again.

Poland makes a big attack on Hamburg, Denmarks Fortress, when Hamburg has no units in it at all.

Hungary attacks Poland, joining the war, although his entire army put together couldn't even form a full stack =\, doubt they will win against Poland.

Venice and Sicily?

Scotland takes its first steps out of its city, having formed about a 3-6 unit army.

Poland and Russia race for Vilnius, Poland wins the race and makes the seige first.

Hungary captures Polands settlement of Bucharest.

Denmark captures Rheims.

Poland captured Hamburg, however their are large armies approaching to stop them... hopefully.

Turks, with a small force managed to capture Baghdad, congrats.

Apparently the Pol-Fra-HRE team is losing Papal standing as more Cardinals die.

Russia has captured Smolensk right under my nose, took me some time to notice.

Scotland seiges Iverness with an army nearly 3 times the size of the garrison =D. Scotland may just finnaly capture that Danm settlement.

Milan officially joins the alliance with England and Denmark, and now that Poland and Denmark declared a truce, it leaves Hungary to fend for himself and probably die.

What England lacks in armies, he makes up for with ugly princesses from foreign factions.

Milans Cardinal takes the lead, HRE is starting to lose favor.The Pope has yet 4-6 turns to live.

Apparently Venice and Sicilys war was started with Sicily attacking Ragusa, Venice stopped them however, with reinforcements.

Milan seiges Ajjacio again, lots of hate with the Italians on sicily eh?

Moors also want me to interfere now,I had to decline.

I guess the Turks didn't like egypt seigeing Adana, Turks and Egypt at war.

Turks win.

Portugal captures Zaragoza, now in even grounds with Spain again.

Milan excommunicated, seems the Denmark team is really losing Papal favor, two excommunications.

Denmark makes a massive attack on the capital of France.Paris.

Scotland..... you sorely fail.With such a huge advantage how do you lose?

So now theirs two wars going on. The Euro-war, and the Italian War.

Euro War consists of mainly two teams.

Poland team consists of HRE,Poland,France,and Sicily. of which, HRE and Sicily have not yet intervened (probably with the lack of a connected alliance, this alliance is just one straight line, starting at France and ending at Sicily)

The Danish team consists of Denmark,England, Milan, and Hungary, of which Hungary is not connected to the rest but instead only intervening to their advantage.

the Danish are winning.

The Italian war consists of a small group, its Sicily, against Venice and Milan.
Venice is weak, Milan is busy with France, so theirs a chance Sicily might win.

Until next time I hope you enjoyed this.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 02 January 2010 17:24 EDT (US)     34 / 42  
If Denmark comes much further West, there won't be anything left for England to conquer!

Interesting the way you're dividing all the little wars into major international conflicts. Keep up the good work!

posted 04 January 2010 08:32 EDT (US)     35 / 42  
Come on Scotland!
posted 04 January 2010 16:37 EDT (US)     36 / 42  
I'm rooting for Denmark and the Turks. Be sure to include the Mid-East theatre when commenting on wars.
posted 04 January 2010 18:29 EDT (US)     37 / 42  
sorry I wasnt able to post in the last 2 days, im staying over at my cousins, will be back sometime tommorow, hopefully ill be able to get a update in then.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 05 January 2010 03:10 EDT (US)     38 / 42  
Don't sweat it; take your time. I had an average of nearly two weeks between updates in my last AAR.

posted 05 January 2010 13:38 EDT (US)     39 / 42  
ok, working on the next update, will post later today.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 06 January 2010 16:35 EDT (US)     40 / 42  
Can't wait for next update, love this thread
posted 08 January 2010 14:22 EDT (US)     41 / 42  
ok sorry for being gone so long, my internet stopped working because of wire damage and we had to get it fixed, and now that i come online my internet files all completely crash, including some info for photobucket somehow, (dont know how the names got affected). and it stopped working as well, and now all the photos are screwed, i might try to get this fixed but I probably wont be putting up an update soon.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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posted 08 January 2010 14:28 EDT (US)     42 / 42  
ok figured out whats wrong, it seems that when i created a new album, every screenshot was considered a part of that album, im going to haveto re-paste all the screenies in order for it to work, thats not too hard, only problem is that theres 201 screenies...but be assured i will eventually find time to finish it off, and i will post the next update, I apoligize severely for the technical difficulties.

EDIT: ok i learned that the new album i made was actually somehow set to be the parent album of the Papal Watch album, and it changed the IMG code, If anybody knows how to change how albums are set (aka: albums in albums) and to remove my new album as the parent album, please say so. thanks in advance.

Papal Watch AAR Where I sit back and let the computers entertain you!

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