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Topic Subject: Shogun 2 Swap Game Anyone?
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posted 07 June 2012 00:02 EDT (US)   
Rome and Medieval 2 both have own community binders, so why not Shogun 2 I say. So would anyone per chance be interested in participating in a Shogun 2 swap game? Of which the particular campaign and clan played would be decided by community consensus (voting).

So hopefully with a bit of luck we might be able to get something rolling.

Edit #1:
Swap Game Player Roster:
  • Scipii
  • srlj3721
  • Enemy of Jupitor
  • Scenter102

    Possible Future Players:
  • BastWorshiper (Technical Issue)

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    posted 17 August 2012 01:12 EDT (US)     51 / 53  
    We rejoin the story of the rise and decline of Clan Takeda, as we continue Daimyo Scipii's story.
    "As the seasons changed from winter to spring Daimyo Scipii re-evaluated the dilemmas facing Clan Takeda. Daimyo Scipii knew from his studies of the imfamous Art of War by Sun Tzu that knowing his enemy would be important. So it was that Daimyo Scipii ordered the clan's newly recruit Shinobi, Toyomitsu, to gather vital information on the intentions of the clan's enemies.

    Departing from the castle-town of Takayama, in Hida province, Toyomitsu would head north along the road to Etchu province to gather intelligence on Clan Anegakoji. On the border of Hida and Etchu province Toyomitsu discovered a sizeable Anegakoji army, who were potentially poised to march on Hida province.

    Upon learning of this news Daimyo Scipii ordered the fort at the castle-town of Takayama to undergo improvement until it became a stronghold. Some Yari Ashigaru reinforcements were also dispatched from North Shinano province to reinforce the garrison. While this would leave North Shinano open to attacks from their fierce rivals Clan Uesugi a confident Daimyo Scipii believed in his abilities to bolster the defenses of North Shinano before any seige could occur.

    In the meantime the Way of the Warrior had been researched by Clan Takeda's scholars, enlightening Clan Takeda's armies further in the ways of shock. Daimyo Scipii now instructed the clan's scholars to uncover the secret of perfection through Form, so may our fearsome warriors becoming even greater.

    As spring began to give way to summer Daimyo Scipii began diplomatic relations with the dreaded Ikko Ikki rebels. While Daimyo Scipii had no intentions of letting the trouble Ikko Ikki live, it would be some time before the two would clash. So it was that Daimyo Scipii, in the interests of strengthening Clan Takeda's coffers, came to a mutual agreement with the Ikko Ikki to open formal trading relations."
    Join us next time as we continue the story of Clan Takeda, and examine the summer of 1457.

    Author Note: Any feedback on the numerous mini-updates? I do not know if it builds an air of suspense (or not) as each day, or less, you learn more about my progress, but it keeps the place active . Not to mention it gives me time to flesh out each turn instead of possibly summarising events up in bullet point form.

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    posted 17 August 2012 02:23 EDT (US)     52 / 53  
    I like the format- makes each piece easier to digest than one huge serving of action. It also makes it easier to follow in bits and pieces, rather than having to front-load the entire tale and process it afterward.

    Plus it is damned good!

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    posted 19 September 2012 18:52 EDT (US)     53 / 53  
    are we going to have an update? or will this never be finished

    Rome 2 is coming
    celebrate with this
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