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Rome Multiplayer Discussion
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Topic Subject: RTWHeaven Clan
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posted 06 August 2010 10:15 EDT (US)   
This thread is for everything pertaining to the RTWHeaven Clan. Arrange games with fellow clanners, sign up, welcome new guys, agree passwords for single private battles, propose alliances between clans, etc etc. Have fun!

If you are new and wish to sign up, be sure to read the rules and the signups section below.

* * * * *
This notice was added on the 29th June 2014.

I am holding a review of clan membership. All those who still play under the auspices of the clan (that is, who use the {-RTWH-} clan prefix in RTW multiplayer), please post here within one month of the above date. If you do not post to say you still play in the RTWH clan by the 1st of August 2014, your name will be struck from the list of members. If no members post, the clan will be converted.

* * * * *

Provisional list of Clan Members
(Under review as of Summer 2014)

Edorix - Edorix, Louernios. Clan Founder, Admin
Punic Hoplite - Punic Hoplite, Eesti Warlord, Porosus. Clan Champion
Liam_the_Spartan - Liam_the_Spartan, Liamidas, (liam_the_spartan(at)hotmail(dot)com).
RomulusofEpirus - Naupactus, ROE, (HDLICP_gaming(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk).
Nickel531 - Nickel531, Frankish_Warlord, (nickel531(at)live(dot)com).
GundamMerc - ClanWolf, clanjadewolf, (clanjadewolf(at)gmail(dot)com).
cazaron - cazaron, indianapoliscolts, (cazaron(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au).
FeudalPrincipes, BigRedRob, razzledazzlerob, (Rob-93(at)live(dot)co(dot)uk).
Friesian, gerrit, (geertsma(at)msn(dot)com).
Maniple, Maniple, Vinco Caudex.
Generalscuff, Generalscruff, Admiralscruff, (thomouse6396(at)googlemail(dot)com).
PraeQuae, PraeQuae, (j(dot)isaiah(dot)m(at)gmail(dot)com).
HannibalBaracaXXI, Hannibal_Barca.
Thompsoncs, Thompsoncs, (thompsoncs(at)live(dot)nl).

Clan Championship

The Clan Champion is the best multiplayer forumer in the Clan. The current Clan Champion is Punic Hoplite.

The Clan Champion holds their title until another clanner defeats them in a 1v1. It should be publicised in this thread beforehand, and a screenshot of the victory screen is required from both players to be posted here. If only one of the participants posts the result, it will be counted. If the Champion was defeated, then the title passes to the new Champion.

Clan Rules

  • You must follow the HeavenGames Code of Conduct.
    The CoC is mostly common sense good behaviour, but do read it: it isn't as long as it looks and it is important. By joining the Clan you agree to follow the CoC when acting as a clan-member. If you really wish to swear at someone, logout and remove the clan prefix from your screen name first. The most important parts of the CoC for our purposes are as follows:
    - You must own a legal copy of Rome Total War.
    If we discover you play RTW by illegal means, you will be kicked out of the clan and moderator action taken upon your account.
    - You must treat other users with respect.
    If you start swearing at people or making racist or sexist comments online, it reflects badly not just on you but on Rome Total War Heaven as a whole. Behave maturely.
    - You must be at least thirteen years of age.
    This is not specifically stated in the CoC, however, for legal reasons you may not post on HeavenGames if you are under thirteen. If you cannot post at HeavenGames, you are not a forumer, so you do not qualify for membership. Sorry.

  • You must be a forumer at Total War Heaven.
    This may seem obvious, but the Clan is intended for forumers. As a general rule, the minimum post count to qualify for membership is 20, but factors such as spamming and post-count farming will be factored in (bear in mind that HeavenGames has little tolerance for such activities anyway, and if you are banned then you must wait even longer to join). Equally, if you are banned, for the duration of that ban (and possibly longer depending on the reason for it) you are excluded from the clan.

  • You must not impersonate other clan-members or forumers online.
    It is not funny, just annoying.

    Violation of any one of these rules will result in your being excluded from the clan, and may also infer moderator action upon your account at HeavenGames.


    To apply, please make a post stating the following:

    [your forum username] - [the name you will use online as a clanner], [another name you may use online as a clanner], ([optional email address])
    So mine might look like this:
    Edorix - Edorix, Wiroku, (edorix(at)heavengames(dot)com)
    There are no tryouts. Your actual competence at online battles is not an issue; Rome Total War Heaven has a long tradition of being newbie-friendly, and skill comes with experience.

    If you provide an email address, remember that this is an open site and you do so at your own risk (although I have never kept mine hidden and have rarely been spammed, and I'm a moderator!).

    You may belong to other clans alongside RTWHeaven, but please use a different (unique) screen name for this clan. This should preferably be similar to your forum username to avoid confusion. Two screen names is a good idea so if one gets "stolen" we can still recognise you with minimal confusion.

    If your application is accepted you will be added to the list of clanners and officially welcomed by the Clan Leader (me) in this thread, so keep an eye on it. If your application is not accepted, you will be informed why upon asking privately, by email.

    The clan prefix (the bit you put before your name when you go online to denote your clan) is {-RTWH-}, however you may use your own variants - just don't go overboard.

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  • Replies:
    posted 26 November 2010 13:07 EDT (US)     51 / 94  
    Please welcome FeudalPrincipes and Friesian to the Clan!

    posted 27 November 2010 18:20 EDT (US)     52 / 94  
    Welcome, good sirs. For joining this establishment, I give you a free Sparta-In-A-Box! Congratulations on your winnings!

    "The only one here who could possibly help us is Edorix. Unfortunately, he is busy off killing Romans right now."- GundamMerc (an imagined quote)
    posted 26 December 2010 09:47 EDT (US)     53 / 94  
    Well, I'll be back in a couple of days. My flight returns wednesday and back to Rome total war hopefully then, since it is after Christmas, we can start the tournement! Yeah! Also I'll be on more since my mom won't let me use this laptop as much. Bye guys!

    In war, you ethier die hero, or live long enough to see yourself turn into a villan.-Anoynomous
    posted 26 December 2010 10:16 EDT (US)     54 / 94  
    I give you a free Sparta-In-A-Box
    *Jumps out of box* BOO!

    Depends on when the tournament is. I'm getting a laptop once the sales start here (8 January) and I'll join the clan. But It'll probably be over by then...
    posted 28 December 2010 05:34 EDT (US)     55 / 94  
    A Sparta in a box is not a "gift" I'd relish encountering online without a few onagers... I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield nonetheless, Liam.

    The Tournament won't start till at least mid-January and will probably go on for some time. I haven't yet worked out how it will be organised. We'll see.

    [This message has been edited by Edorix (edited 12-28-2010 @ 05:39 AM).]

    posted 07 January 2011 12:06 EDT (US)     56 / 94  
    To simplify things for a certain upcoming project, I have merged the signups thread with this one. Sorry about the long OP.

    posted 08 January 2011 01:13 EDT (US)     57 / 94  
    How does this clan operate?
    posted 09 January 2011 20:44 EDT (US)     58 / 94  
    How does this clan operate?
    Very loosely At least from what I've gained. You apply, you get in. It isn't like Sith or anything, just a bunch of friends with a common tag name.

    I am the Carthaginian who became an angel, and surrendered his wings for a life on the sea of battle.

    My magic screen is constantly bombarded with nubile young things eager to please these old eyes. This truly is a wonderful period in which to exist! - Terikel the Deflowerer
    posted 10 January 2011 11:23 EDT (US)     59 / 94  
    As Punic said. It doesn't. It's just a way to foster a community spirit, and to express pride in our community online. Brothers-in-arms, you know? And sisters, potentially, but...

    EDIT: Fellow warlords, I am going to postpone this tourney business for some future time when activity drops a little. I have enough on my plate with forum moderation and a swap game (and soon a girlfriend) just at the moment...

    [This message has been edited by Edorix (edited 01-23-2011 @ 11:25 AM).]

    posted 14 April 2011 05:46 EDT (US)     60 / 94  
    Hi, I was wondering whether I could join?
    Forum Name: Maniple
    Account Name: Maniple
    Alternative Name: Vinco Caudex

    [This message has been edited by Maniple (edited 04-14-2011 @ 05:47 AM).]

    posted 18 April 2011 15:09 EDT (US)     61 / 94  
    Just get a few more posts (4), then you'll meet the requirements

    You are currently at 16 posts.

    I am the Carthaginian who became an angel, and surrendered his wings for a life on the sea of battle.

    My magic screen is constantly bombarded with nubile young things eager to please these old eyes. This truly is a wonderful period in which to exist! - Terikel the Deflowerer
    posted 27 April 2011 06:45 EDT (US)     62 / 94  
    Welcome to the Clan, Maniple!

    posted 30 April 2011 04:49 EDT (US)     63 / 94  
    posted 29 May 2011 08:01 EDT (US)     64 / 94  
    I join! Please.

    Liam_the_Spartan - Liam_the_Spartan, Liamidas. (

    [This message has been edited by Liam_the_Spartan (edited 07-30-2011 @ 12:40 PM).]

    posted 30 July 2011 09:08 EDT (US)     65 / 94  
    I would like to join also

    Generalscruff- Generalscruff, Admiralscruff,

    But I won't go to England due to the prescence of scruffy in shottingham. - Scenter102
    This is Scruff we are talking about. I can't think of anything I don't see Scruff doing just for the hell of it. - Agrippa 271
    The cake was made by Scruffy and it was... a rude shape. - Liam
    monkey in a suit on a cycle - Scenter102 describing Scruffy
    posted 30 July 2011 12:43 EDT (US)     66 / 94  
    Oops, I posted in the wrong place


    [This message has been edited by Liam_the_Spartan (edited 07-30-2011 @ 12:57 PM).]

    posted 31 July 2011 11:49 EDT (US)     67 / 94  
    Liam, I've made you admin, since you will edit the OP whether I do or not.

    posted 10 August 2011 23:32 EDT (US)     68 / 94  
    So Edorix, should I sign up here, or was that other thread good enough?

    posted 11 August 2011 03:54 EDT (US)     69 / 94  
    Welcome to the Clan, Noble PraeQuae!

    posted 11 August 2011 15:35 EDT (US)     70 / 94  

    I've returned...

    I would like to give my steel to this community, but I happen to not have the 1.6 BI patch(also RTW 1.5), and don't know how to get it, or even how to apply it. I ask for your support, so I can give you mine.

    Augustus Caesar,

    "An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
    "The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli

    [This message has been edited by AugustusCaesar (edited 08-11-2011 @ 03:46 PM).]

    posted 11 August 2011 15:54 EDT (US)     71 / 94  
    I suspect this article is what you're after...

    posted 12 August 2011 11:24 EDT (US)     72 / 94  
    Ahh, yes, I've seen that one before. All I need is BI 1.6. Now my only problem is finding it, as the link doesnt on the article just takes me to Shogun2 total war.

    "An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
    "The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli

    [This message has been edited by AugustusCaesar (edited 08-12-2011 @ 11:26 AM).]

    posted 12 August 2011 16:57 EDT (US)     73 / 94  
    Hmm, I'll have to fix that. Well, a google search found this - I'm not familiar with the site, so don't blame me if something goes wrong.

    posted 13 August 2011 14:18 EDT (US)     74 / 94  
    User Reviews for the 1.5 patch from that site say that the campaign stopped working, It might be simular for BI 1.6. Also the Sega Support Page(which did contain the patches) is down. Also, If you or I happen to find the patch(reliably), does it apply it upon download, if not, how does one use the patch?

    Ohh, my am I digressing, we might need a topic for this...

    "An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
    "The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli
    posted 18 August 2011 08:55 EDT (US)     75 / 94  
    Count me in.

    "I long for Darkness."
    - Cormac McCarthy, The Sunset Limited.

    "We are a species that ravages, plunders, kills, destroys, rapes and enslaves in the name of progress."
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