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Rome Multiplayer Discussion
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Topic Subject: Something About Horse Archers
posted 17 February 2012 03:00 EDT (US)   
Ive played RTW for some time now, ive played a few online games, won some campaigns etc.

The one thing that stands out on Multiplayer battles is those goldarned horse archers...

They can be used very well I have found out, a phalanx based player will always encounter difficulties with them, romans can easily have their cavalry wiped out by them.

A good strategy would involve a core (Like the sassanids & partians used) of heavy cavalry (Cataphracts) and many horse archers.
You should position your core of cavalry as far back as you can, (your heavy cavalry can come in to finish the job) whilst your horse archers are positioned as near the enemy as possible. When you start battle view your enemies faction, roman, carthiginian etc. out of your own experience you can view their weaknesses.

Your first priority is to take out the opponents missile troops, whether foot archers or chariots (or even horse archers) (to a lesser degree javelin equipped cavalry and/or skirmishers). You cannot afford to leave your troops under fire for the game. Engage from a distance, some may go down but it is ok. Bring your heavy cavalry forward you may need them. If the player is a hoplite based army, your in luck, just fire away at them at your own pace, launching arrows at any oncoming infantry or pursuing cavalry. If the enemy is roman then you will be in luck (perhaps, be cautious). They may enter testudo fromation to escape the fire, charge them now! Get your heavy cavalry and concentrate on the legionaires, ignore auxiliaries and skirmishers. Repeated charges by your heavy cavalry should disperse some troops, retreat to away from the army and let your horse archers harass them. Repeat this process. Should infantry engage your already engaged cavalry, get them out, do not let them get behind you, if your fear encirclement, retreat. Also on another note if your horse archers are pursued by a heavy cavalry unit(s) use your horse archers to tire them out and draw them to your heavy cavalry. This strategy works well in most cases. The Scythians are also a good faction to use this by.

Your enemy may go on the offensive, he may choose to go straight for your general and his heavy cavalry squadron, move them away from the force coming towards you, not because of strength but a cavalry battle may result in your squadrons being bogged down and intercepted by infantry, your horse archers should in this case go around the rear of the oncoming troops to be more effective. Should the worse come in the worst scenario of being surrounded by multiple players, try to get your horse archers out of the encirclement if in there) by using your heavy cavalry (or even the horse archers) to charge the weakest point in the line or go for a gap in the line.

With this strategy you may be wondering after the missile troops and cavalry who should you engage. Do not randomly let your horse archers attack anyone, leave majorly armed & armoured troops to a well timed charge by your heavy cav.
Concentrate your missile fire afterwards on the spearmen, a charge by heavy cavalry would be more effective if the spearmen were out of the way.

This may be an already discussed tactic but this aimed to serve a purpose of filling the gap between talked about strategies and documents on them

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posted 03 March 2012 06:03 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Seems like a solid strategy to me. Horse Archers can be devastating in the hands of a good player. This is why rules like cwb are so popular, limiting the max number of horse archers allowed to 2.

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posted 04 March 2012 01:18 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
This works wonders with Parthia and Scythia. But as noted above, CWB rules are most often used in game, and generally when they aren't used, Noob Circles/boxes are common. It is rare, in my experience, to find a player that does not use rules, but plays like they would normally.

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