posted 04 November 2012 11:53 EDT (US)

Total War Clan Center is an online community, composed of a forum, a steam, a YouTube, a homepage/blog and a wiki... and blatantly violated Heaven Games Code of Conduct advertising that fact on our forums.

For your convenience, re-posted here:
We want to avoid spam generated by promotion teams, public-relations campaigns or any other traffic-hungry webmasters. So please note that our forums arenít the place to advertise your own site or forums or sites with similar content to ours. HeavenGames staff donít visit your site and spam it with adverts, so we expect the same courtesy in return. You are welcome to link your site in your signature without a slogan.

If you are part of a gaming site and you want to link it as a relevant part of a discussion, please contact a moderator first and be honest if itís your own site.

If you are part of a clan or design team, you will normally be able to make one thread about it, after consultation with a moderator. Other clan/design team information should be sent to one of the site staff for inclusion in the news. (We are hoping to have a better solution to this in the near future).

If you wish to advertise at HeavenGames, please contact or

Any forumer who seems to have created their account solely to promote another site will be permanently banned.
There, deconflicted as promised in the other thread you posted.

Welcome to the Forums, but please follow our rules while doing so.


By the way, I fixed your link. It should work now. is not a real link, so I dug up your good one, tested it, and put it in for you.

Oh, I will leave this one open, as it might provide relevant multiplayer discussions and lead to more people playing the game. If this thread turns into a recruiting campaign, however, I will kill it.

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