posted 17 October 2021 13:36 EDT (US)   
Dear all
I wonder if any file in RTW-BI can be modified to change the chances of success of agents assassins and spies.

I am pretty fed up with Rome assassinating my top generals/ family members even faction leaders and heirs every third turn or so.
I have beaten roman armies as Saxon repeatedly in BI but it seems that roman assassins have a chance in one in three to kill my top generals which is ridiculous and very inaccurate historically. Conversely, my assassins get killed trying to kill even a diplomat or a minor unnamed roman troop leader with just 2-3 units under him!
I have lost over half a dozen major family members and even if I kill an assassin, more spawn up and quickly succeed in their mission though I have spies in every city!

So is their success skill changeable from any file in data folder?