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Topic Subject: Modding
posted 10 May 2019 17:52 EDT (US)   
Alright, I have a tricky one for y' all today. I have files I have extracted from a malware mod. (The mod used to be playable and amazing.) The malware is located of course in the launcher, but I managed to get the CPP files and the config files in one piece. How can I create a new launcher for this mod? In case anyone is wondering the mod is a 3rd person immersion mod, basically, you control your general as if you were playing Mount and Blade Warband. It is my goal to remake this and release it to the public. The original author of the mod is hondwelt. He can be found on youtube.
posted 14 May 2019 13:07 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I must apologize that my modding skills only extend to in-game modding. Launchers are another world for me- I usually just have an icon on my screen that goes to the .exe file of the game and that does it for me.

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