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Alexander Discussion
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Topic Subject: more than one
posted 21 August 2012 00:44 EDT (US)   
There are plenty of mods for alexander, problem is that most of them work for rome total war and bi as well as Alexander expansion.
posted 21 August 2012 02:24 EDT (US)     1 / 3  
And how is that a problem?

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posted 21 August 2012 13:19 EDT (US)     2 / 3  
The problem is that people seem to have forgoten about Alexander total war.

They use BI and RTW for almost everything, and Alexander TW is only becoming a shadow. I whish to create a amall mod of it to mke the game more apropriate and acurate, but I will need to work with the makers of the mod Megas Alexandros. I believe that there may be much that can be done to honor the deeds of the Great Alexander but making the mod more acurate, and therefore making the exerience of playing it as more exciting.

Again, people should not forget the Alexander Expansion of Rome total war, and they should understand that is teally is a great game.
posted 21 August 2012 13:35 EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I'm not certain that's the issue. I think its a matter of replayability. After I successfully crossed Alexander's army over the Dardanelles and to the end of the earth I felt accomplished and haven't touched it since. RTW and BI have many factions and stories so I'm always trying out new tactics and different courses of history.
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